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Nice to meet you - Know the founder of 30ish and PhotoblogHER
Respects individuality
Mom’s my peace but Dad’s my punch to this nasty world
Running is my solution to everything
Too impatient for social obligations
Loves collecting curios from around the world
People inspire me
Moody dresser
Loves hiding behind books
Photography is my meditation
Wears socks while sleeping
Insanely obsessed with jumpstagrams, click one everywhere I travel  
A good story can sell anything
Believes in 'no judgement', everyone has a reason
Have all extreme traits of a Virgo
Guts or glory..both
My past life analysis says I was a freedom fighter
Have a way to win hearts
10 years of corporate life did not excite me, so I picked my own path
Gadgets scare me
Prefer pearls over diamonds
LOVE when you follow my blog.

         You can write to me at or check my website 30ish is an attempt to empower and inspire my readers. We want to make you smile, think, believe, celebrate and most important"Bet On Yourself". 30ish get's bold we debut on YouTube, thanks for believing in our vibe. 30ish and PhotoblogHER have been featured on India's top digital platforms and websites #YourStory, #HerStory #YouthKiAwaaz, #HomeGrown, #WomensWorldwideWeb #SpeakingTree, for challenging conventional beauty standards through blogging and photography. 
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    but need some technological improvement to get known to World.