Thursday, May 28, 2015

MBA - Master of Bag-pack Administration

To a man, ‘travelling’ is like that hot flirtatious babe who says "do what you like, I love everything about you".
To a woman, ‘travelling’ is the gentleman who looks straight into her eyes and says, "go chase your dreams, I am right here".
What appeals to both the sexes is an unbiased raw energy, exactly what a traveller experiences. 

#Life Hack: “I CAN”, is more important than “IQ”.
I think 20's is too early for us to pick a career and stick to it for life, but most of us anyway follow the norms and go for the kill. Sadly it’s you who’s being killed!

The Real world demands you to be sharp, street smart, easy going and always hungry to learn and grow. No classroom can prepare you for this, but real experiences surely do. 

When you travel alone, even if it’s to Ladakh, you plan everything from scratch, evalate multiple sites, pick the cheapest tickets, explore best deals, network with friends who have travelled to the same place, make an itenary, eat at random places, make friends on the way, learn about their life and culture.

If I could, I would exchange my 2 years of MBA with travelling, I can bet the traveller will have better finance skills, he will give you extra ordinary marketing ideas because he has seen so much and will definitely deal with people much better than any one of us.

Roughly the cost of preparing for these entrace exams and course fees comes to almost 8-10 lakhs (In India).What if some one gave you the same amount to travel for 2 years. Would you be wiser? At 30ish, when you have “been there, done that” does a Master of Bag-pack Administration promise you super powers?

What did my MBA teach me? RACE , do not look around just run. Run for placements, run for promotions, run against time… keep running.

What did travelling teach me? BREATHE, look around you, feel yourself, listen to your surroundings, smile, observe, trust.

In short if you consider this degree on self development, its stocks will only rise as you explore more. I am not saying chuck your job… but even if you do, it’s no big deal. 

As a travel blogger, I have come to a conclusion that the only thing you possess your entire life is yourself. So fly free.  
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