Friday, November 28, 2014

A group of flamingos is flamboyance

#Life Hack: With the right person you don't need to flirt, they can be seduced by your madness.
I am hugely fascinated by flamboyance. It’s not a personality attribute but a state of mind. The feeling of walking into the battlefield knowing that no one holds any ground in front of you is priceless.Flamboyance is derived from the word Flame like* I guess it justifies the emotion attached with it.
Ever tried being flamboyant and feeling like a million bucks. A lot of people are very judgmental about flamboyance, that’s what makes it so intriguing. Flamboyance comes with lot of misconceptions is completely sensationalized for no reason. 
Everyone has a hint of flamboyance, its your untapped personality.
My list of favourite quotes by icons who epitomize flamboyance
· Growing up I idolized Marilyn Monroe no matter what the media wrote about her, she sparked flamboyance like no one else and was the ultimate pin up girl
      Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world--- Marilyn Monroe
·   Richard Branson, belongs to a different league and believes in “screw it, lets do it”
    A business has to be involving, it has to be an exercise for you creative instincts---Richard Branson
·    Michael Jackson  –There are two kinds of people MJ fans and Blah'
    I am not going to spend my life being a COLOR---MJ
Flamboyance is about being aware of your conscious self , I choose to make it classy and charming.

Enjoy your drama, one life.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Split Personality AM:PM

Everyone has a 3AM personality and a 3PM personality and trust me both of them are an oxymoron of each other. I am not just referring to the ultimate debate on the morning chirpy bird v/s nocturnal specie, it’s something deeper.

Have you met your 3AM self? For years I took pride in being a practical person, followed routine, did things the way they are supposed to be done. But now I just want to sip coffee and dream with eyes wide open. In the middle of the night, when all the noise disappears you start listening to yourself.

Life Hack # Inside every person you know, there’s a person you don't know.
We do a lot of things before falling sleep
Play scenes in our head
Rehearse lines
Contemplate lot of “what if’s”
Ask questions
Think of the ones we love….3AM is a different zone

3AM’s were made for poets, lovers, writers, visionaries, photographers, thinkers, silent seekers. Sometimes we are so busy being the right person, doing right things at the right time that life passes by. Just give yourself a window to be what you really want to be. Every passion has a trigger. Don’t let your PM overpower your AM, it’s not worth the monotony.

No matter how much time you spend flirting with different ideas during the day, you will always think of the one you love the most at night.  Applies to everything in life, your most cherished thoughts and dreams will knock at your AM and get you thinking.

Bed bug: That Moment when your brain teases you
11:00 PM – I think I will go to bed early
3:00 AM – Keep trying…yawnnnn

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Neon Blur Shanghai

Me: Love Shanghai (dreamy eyes), wouldn't mind settling down
Shanghai Local: No No, our population cannot hold you. Be a tourist, come back next year
Me: ouch!
What makes Shanghai a great memory is its "energy". I did the whole drill of taking site seeing buses, jumping from one spot to another but nothing compared to just silently being a voyeur and watching the “Dragon of China” fade in and out of neon blur.

Bund overlooking the famous Putong skyline is synonymous with Shanghai. It has a real personality and every time of the day belongs to a different set of people. 

#Life Hack : Shanghai is a LIVE ramp, where Chinese checkout other Chinese
Early in the morning and during weekends all over Shanghai, the city shows off its community spirit. Pensioners gather with a boom box not to battle it out to hip-hop beats, but to gracefully move and turn to traditional Chinese dance forms. Anyone can get involved and enjoy the local beats.
As you grab brunch and get back to the Bund, one can’t help but notice absolutely stunning brides posing against the massive skyline. Every 50 steps has a new bride and groom posing to capture the "moment of their life". Like a typical bollywood shoot there’s a camera man, makeup artist, stylist, umbrella man, food basket, shoe changer.. the works!Shanghai has a list of wedding photographers, their portfolio is worth checking.
Don't get intimidated by their tone, its usually very high pitched. Nothing to worry, they are just being jovial. If a local skips the queue don’t get hyper, will lead to extra chaos. Just concentrate on counting the number of people around. It will be more than obvious that you are in the worlds most populated city.

Shanghai is China’s fancy face. Its their benchmark for the rest of China and that’s what makes it the best of China. Unfortunately English is still an issue but by the time I reached Shanghai sign language was a mastered art.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Made in China

"Coca Lola" oh I smell China*

You are on the flight dreaming about the beautiful destination you are going to explore in the next couple of hours. All directions & signage are in Mandarin, and you think this is going to be an interesting trip. English is an issue, out of 12 words in a sentence they might understand one.

#Life Hack: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat are illegal in China. They have their own Chinese rip-off's.

Why China is probably not on your travel bucket list
  • If you are a stubborn eater, then China is going to have fun at your cost.
  • Language barrier can be overwhelming.
  • They respond once to your 100th smile.
  • Why are you going to China? Are you sure your tickets are not fake..ahem I think so!
Why China should be on your bucket list
  • When no one understands what you say, the rest of your senses are ruffled and forced to step up. You observe more, talk less and imagine at the speed of light.
  • ‘People watching’ is the most preferred activity, you start connecting dots of human relations based on your experience.
  • Interiors of China are extremely fascinating and its history will captivate you. Make sure it’s a part of your itinerary.
  • Did not meet a single Indian traveler during my entire trip, one more reason to explore a new land unseen by most of us.
  • "Panda's" they are ADORABLE.
Where you come from, is always the foundation of where you will go. With this logic you better know the legacy of the world’s largest population.
Make lot of friends in China that’s your survival tip. Once they trust you they guide and respond to every smile. Any tourist site will give you a list of to do’s in China but all you need is an open mind and soul. Soak their culture, watch them, and let it be an experience.

It’s totally worth knowing what “made in China” breathes.China was everything I did not expect, China turned me into a story teller.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Boys will you please KISS

When a man goes on a date he wonders if he will get lucky, the woman already knows. We know all your moves and tricks but playing the game is necessary for our ego.

Small talk* is a turnoff, instead look into her eyes and connect. She will never forget you. A girl sitting in a club also wants to be kissed, swayed and get lucky but she is looking for someone who she can trust.
#Life Hack: Always love a woman for her personality. She has like 9, so you can choose.
We do not want a guy who promises to change our world. Instead, he should be willing to fit-in and make it comfortable for both. Every relationship has its own dynamics and I am no one to guide you but sometimes being simple and true seems most comforting.

Frankly, if someone asked me out for a candle light dinner I will just disown him. There are lot of women who adore such men but not me. We are complicated and there’s no right or wrong. So the best tip is to Keep It Simple Stupid*(KISS) and kiss as often. Kissing solves every issue.

Caution: We ask you the same question in different ways, don’t panic. Do you love me?
  • A-Yes
  • B - A
  • C - lots and pots. The solution is simple, YES BABY, xoxo
World’s worst pickup lines, just to humor you.
Geek style – I might as well call you Google, you have everything I am looking for.
Stud – Are you a parking ticket? because you have FINE written all over you.
Mommy’s boy – My mom said follow your dreams, so I am going to chase you.
Might work – You are so pretty, I forgot my pickup line.