Monday, April 25, 2016

Eves'dropping - The joy of making audacious plans

Women benefit from many changes in their life, work and beyond. We share our vulnerabilities and experiences to form support groups for each other. This is extremely personal, each one is an important member of the circle. Listen and inspire each other through experience and love.  Confidence gives us what we want, builds us, protects us, hold it tight like your life depends on it, because it does.

Life Hack: Eves'dropping is going to listen to you with a woman's sensibilities 
 What is Eves'dropping?
Eves'dropping is an initiative that connects and empowers women entrepreneurs, it took a community to get here. Every start-up has its own struggles and path, but there is lots we can learn from each other. We unite women on their core strength of character and desire to disrupt boundaries. I am creating a space which allows you to experiment and grow your network through strong conversations and interesting workshops.

Our first workshop was hosted this March'2016, 
Eves'dropping is on a multi city tour, we are visiting Hyderabad on 29th April. I am in awe of women who look beyond themselves because my purpose is bigger than me. You can drop an email  at to be a part of our May workshop in Mumbai.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Catcall is not a compliment

“If you insult me within 5 seconds of calling me beautiful you are violating my space”

Do you remember the first time someone came so close, that it made you sink within. Did you go home angry and want to punch him for touching you in a crowded bus? or on your way back from school?

Life Hack: You expect it to happen but it doesn't stop you from getting angry. We have a burden to protect ourselves all the time
No matter how confident and outgoing a woman is, thinking about her first encounter with street harassment will always get her unsettled. I asked women on twitter to leave a comment about their first uncomfortable touch and it was surprising to see how much anger they held within even after so many years.

During catcalls, the harasser encroaches the personal space of the woman and forces her to be apprehensive about every stranger. There are surprisingly high number of people who do not see the distinction between a compliment and a catcall, this will only get worse if we remain silent about such issues.

Problems without names tend to stay inadequately addressed, street harassment always starts with something verbal, an uncomfortable word or gesture is the beginning of an unpleasant experience. I wish we treated our women and trees with more dignity, after all they do have an equal right to public spaces.
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Sunday, April 10, 2016

CrossFit, Raise The Bar.

Lift like a girl, translates as 'lift like a beast'. First rule of CrossFit is to never have a routine, every WOD (workout of the day) is a blend of strength, endurance and agility training. The first time I stepped into the box (gym) it was sweaty, intense and loud, you will be intimated by how complicated it seems to an outsider. Everybody who joins CrossFit seems to be obsessed with it, I tried it a couple of years back but my body wasn't ready for such a strict regime, so this time when I decided to give it try I was much more prepared to enjoy the soreness. 

Life Hack: Raise the bar for yourself, raise the bar for a stronger you. Hard is not bad, hard is just hard and requires more discipline.
Personally I have never put myself through anything so physically challenging, it is my attempt to increase my threshold for pain.You are, what you repeatedly do when things get hard.

CrossFit is extremely rigorous, it takes time for your body to adjust to the new regime but if you are persistent it will start getting you stubborn about your workout goals. Hard work and the way your body looks is directly proportionate to each other, as women we need to give more importance to mobility, strength and intelligence. 

Beauty is measured in joy and pride, every time I walk out with all that sweat and soreness, I feel beautiful.  I am recognising and accepting my body's gifts and shortcomings, I understand my body much better now.
"I can do that, may be not that fast, may be not that heavy but I can do it.. and I will”.

I train with RudeBox Fitness @BeatNBounce, incase you are interested.
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