Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sky was the limit, now I am bored

After spending 7-10 years working most of us come to a point when we start re-evaluating our career. The first couple of years are spent being the youngest in the team and taking things as they come. Towards the 5th year you are comfortable and confident about the profile, by the 7th year you get directly or indirectly involved in office politics, ego clashes, lack of learning something new and self-doubt. After the 8th year in the same office, you are furniture.

A drastic step will only ruin the situation further, thus a more gradual and subtle approach might help you tackle your mid-career-confusion better.

#Life Hack: There are days when you feel the best part of my job is that the chair spins, huh! It happens to all, just relax.

Few ideas you could consider
  • Taking a study break might be a good option. Work experience will give a different perspective to the way you demystify the problem. 
  • Chase your passion. If you manage to find a way to work on something you like and make money it’s the best career combination.
  • Change jobs! It’s the most obvious but, make sure you have invested a good amount of time and effort on self-evaluation.Your ambitions and goals change, it’s a good sign. Means you are constantly evolving as a person.

I had the opportunity to attend a course at the Indian School of Business (ISB, Hyderabad) and it wasn't the class that inspired me but my class mates. Learning and sharing of experiences is something you always remember.
An ex student, very proudly stated “ISB is all about arguments” It’s the best way to break a problem and thrash every possible way to solve it. If you ever decide to take a break and study, ISB is my choice. Here are a few reasons.
  • ISB has academic alliances with the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.This offers a good mix of professors and students with exposure to different economies and geographies.They also offer a student exchange program. 
  • ISB is a very progressive institute, and respect your individuality.
  • You can stay on campus with your family or your significant other.
  • Class participation is given more importance than class attendance.
  • At ISB, the environment plays a vital role in enhancing your learning experience. The facility is spread over 260 acres and offers a swimming pool, squash court, football ground, tennis court, billiards, gym, yoga, kids play garden, running track. 
  • ISB has a very strong Alumini connect.

Don’t obsesses about what you should be doing based on your age, work experience or others triumphs because every person follows a different path. If you enjoy your journey you will find a way to work it .

The day you feel the sky is over rated, change your angle.

Monday, September 29, 2014

I suffer from Eleutheromania

Ask yourself this question, If you were not afraid of anything where would you want to go? The answer, is your eleutheromania

For me eleutheromania is when I experience "myself" without any filters or judgement. Every time someone asked me what’s your life goal, I only thought of a huge globe with travel stories.

I love travelling alone, It’s the best investment. No degree will ever teach you equivalent of what you pick up while wandering aimlessly. Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend, obviously never explored herself. I would easily trade-off my labels for a trip worth remembering.

The reason I work is purely to save enough money to explore the world. My motivation to work is the next travel blog I am obsessed with.

#Life Hack - Its not the trip, it’s a TRIP. Very addictive

Observing fellow travelers is lot of fun, you can peep into their lives by just noticing their mannerisms. Each one has a different story, a different destination and my wanderlust keeps pushing me to dig deeper. 
Read my version of your travel personality based on your packing style.

The Over Packer – Believes in options
What if I go horse riding? What if I have to go for 3 fancy dinners? What if I plan to go running? They are constantly making hypothetical situations and end up packing almost their entire wardrobe.

The Back Packer – Always has a contingency plan 
They pack everything rolled neatly and no matter what the situation always have a knife, scarf, rope, band aids to sort it. I completely envy their precision.

Go Empty Bag Packer – No hangups, go with the flow
This special breed believes in shopping at the destination. Just carry basics, wear the heavy jackets and boots on the flight and shop without any stress.

The Hack Packer – The geek chic who has an answer to everything
Their suitcases are like an engineering assignment, where each and every item has its own place. They have mastered the art of reading and applying every packing trick online. You have to be a genius to travel lighter than them.

Travelling is like flirting, you say I would stay and love but I got to see the next city and move on. Please tell me this blog post got you unsettled and thinking about your next trip...

*Eleutheromania: A great desire for freedom

Thursday, September 18, 2014

30ish & Mommy

The moment I open my FB page it goes "boom" with baby pictures, baby shower updates, baby-moon check-in’s, how to loose baby weight video shares. Being a mother is a 24x7, 365-day, full-time, no pay, no hike, no bonus kind of a job. 

Women today want to balance their career and family with an ace up their sleeve, its tough but they manage. I caught up with a few close friends who are dealing with mommywood on a daily basis. Their responses are very candid and endearing, hope you like them.

#Life Hack :There's no way to be a perfect mother but millions to be a good one
Name:  Ami Trivedi
Son:  Ayansh 
Profession: Television actor
Passion: Acting and dancing
  • Your first reaction when you got to know you are expecting – I experienced shock, happiness, and panic in one capsule. It took me time to accept that it was time to move to the next stage in life, but I am glad I did.
  • Your last day at work, before delivery –Television being a visual medium does not allow you the luxury of working till the very end. In fact when I got to know about my pregnancy, I was about to start work on a brilliant new project but had to give up as my commitment as a mother is most important.
  • What’s your support system at home when you go to work – My Mom
  • Do you feel guilty for not being able to spend as much time with him? – If you are a working mom, guilt is inevitable. I deal with it by trying to work on a schedule that allows me to stay home when he is awake and spend quality time. 
  • Your favorite activity with Ayansh – We dance together, he knows most of the latest bollywood songs..Its the best stress buster and a terrific workout too :)
  • What does he call you – Mimmya Ami, I don’t know what it means but it sounds very cute
  • How do you keep yourself sane /cheat code for new moms: I just take each day as it comes, no planning. Enjoy the moment.
  • Being 30ish is – It doesn’t even occur to me that I am 30ish, there are so many people in their 40’s and 50’s who are achieving much more. I don’t want to be content, I don’t want to limit my aspirations.. 30ish to me means that there’s lots more to explore and enjoy in life
  • What is success to you now – For me the definition of success is to be a great mom and a good performer. Don’t want to give up on either one, it’s tough but if I manage to do that then I will consider myself successful.
  • What do you do in your me time – I have NO time.. but still I am loving it. For actors a lot of socialising takes place on the sets, so when you are home and enter the second shift of being a mom you are not stressed, its balanced.
  • The life hack you follow – Take it slow and have patience
  • Ayansh to you is – Ayu is my identity, I can’t imagine life without him.. 
  • One Super power you would want as a mommy – I want a day with 48 hours, its insane managing time with a baby and a job.
Name : Sneha Poddar
Son : Kanha-Kiaan
Profession: Finance and Transaction planning specialist
Passion: Following fashion trends
  • Your first reaction when you got to know you are expecting – Very Very Happy, 
  • Your last day at work, before delivery – I was working till the 8th Month
  • What’s your support system at home when you go to work – My Mother in-law i
  • Do you feel guilty for not being able to spend as much time with him? – I feel very guilty to leave him alone but eventually I have to. I try not thinking about it, it’s a phase will pass.
  • Your favorite activity with Kanha – I love being playful with him, his reactions are adorable
  • What does he call you – He just looks at me like a rabbit
  • How do you keep yourself sane /cheat code for new moms- I miss my freedom, I miss my me time…but I dont hesitate to ask for help from family. Sometimes you have to let go.
  • Being 30ish is – Being 30ish gives me the freedom to take my own decisions and be responsible for them. Even if I make mistakes I still have time to rectify .Emotionally I am in a happy space. 
  • What is success for you now- My definition of success has changed to be happy, if you are happy within then you are mentally and physically strong to deal with everything.
  • What do you do in your me time – Hit the gym, follow my passion, stay updated with latest fashion trends
  • The life hack you follow -Tough times don’t last forever but tough people do
  • Kanha to you is – Is ME.. I can’t see beyond him, he is a part of my existence (and she has a happy tear)
  • One Super power you would want as a mommy – I need a clone of myself
Name: Farha
Profession: Works with CVS in Florida
Son : Zayan 
Passion : Food and watching horror films, love Halloween
  • Your first reaction when you got to know you are expecting your baby–There goes my gym figure, phew!
  • Your last day at work, before delivery – Worked till 4 days before I delivered
  • What’s your support system at home when you go to work – My parents and baby sitter
  • Do you feel guilty for not being able to spend as much time with him? – Not all, I have a life too and want to be able to be a happy mom, for that it’s important I have a healthy space for my mind.
  • Your fitness tip post pregnancy- could be eating...or lifestyle change – Hit the Gym, have a good trainer, no rice, no chocolates.
  • Your favorite activity with Zayan – I love going to the park with him, jumping all over the place and chasing him instead of sitting with my cell in a corner.
  • What does he call you– Momma,actually most of the times he just looks at me and starts screaming, lol
  • How do you keep yourself sane /cheat code for new moms- I go to the gym, meet friends, basically have a life without him as well. Its important to not loose your identity. There will be lot of people giving you advice, but do what feels right.
  • Being 30ish is ---- Being 30ish is the new 20, you can have a career, family, baby peace, fun all in one go.. I love being 30ish, no regrets.
  • Any tip for new moms – Take each day as it comes, not all days are good but it’s all balanced in the end. Enjoy being with your child, these years will never come back.
  • One Super power you would want as a mommy – To have nonstop energy and entertain my son 24/7

Monday, September 15, 2014

Can you apply economics to shopping?

I went to buy a formal dress, fell in love with a beach bag and happily swiped my card for skinny jeans..story of my life

Every time the shopper in me cribs for that extra expensive shoe I apply a very simple equation in my brain, it’s called the cost per wear theory
A cheap outfit is sometimes too cheap to be worn more than a couple of times and the expensive one if not used just ends up being a star in your wardrobe so here a few tips for you to evaluate the right worth of any item.

#Life Hack : The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her

No matter what you wear, Walk like you have three men walking behind you, it just multiplies the worth of that dress
Quote by Oscar De la Renta, RIP.

Social Charm

Dance like no one’s watching, because they are not. They are probably updating their latest selfie.

Selfie humor
Mirror: You look cute today
Smart phone: Nah.. I doubt
Instagram Filter: “I got you love, try Valencia ".

We have moved on from being socially active to social addicts. The definition of acceptance is defined by the number of likes, tweets, hashtags, shares, followers and voyeurs.

# Life Hack:  For every good selfie there are at least 17 failed selfie's. Try it .
Our generation was on the cusp of social change. The generation behind us is barely able to keep up with this syndrome and is very apprehensive about being out there. On the contrary the generation after us is completely in sync with the phenomena and has no issues feeding their alter ego by being a social beast.

Gen Y characteristics
Gen Y : I Prefer Whatsapp over phone calls
Gen Y : Bro’ Facebook is so 2013
Gen Y : I work from home and make more money than you .
 I believe in being an entrepreneur
Gen Y : You don't look like a 200 likes* person in real
Gen Y : I can’t handle her emotional stress so broke-up on Snapchat

To be on top of the social game, a few tips
Emotional Intelligence – Connect with the other person, understand the fact that their       personality is a combination of what they are and what they want to be. Read their vibe
Personal branding – Social Media is one of the best tools to brand yourself, use it wisely
Empathy – Understand life from his perspective, don’t be judgmental. Observe don’t comment
Be visible – Your social quotient is affected by the way you choose to be viewed. Shy and timid or fearless, your picture says it all. Be very cautious about your social stamp
Selfie mode - click click click, one in every pose.

I am in that stage of life where I feel 'too cool' for the weird kids and 'too weird' for the cool kids. This situation is funny but let me take a selfie first* have a nice day:)

Friday, September 12, 2014

An affair with NEW YORK

I love you, I love you not, I love you, I love you lots
It started with me dragging my bags dodging loud tourists’ from Penn station to 42nd Street, Times Square. Couldn't help but stand in disbelief at its similarity to Churchgate station at 6.00 PM.I was pushed around, mugged, got lost million times, wanted to go home the moment I landed.

Then in true Hollywood style this city seduced me to get hooked, it challenged my fears and forced me to do whatever was on my “I will never list”*Stay awake and enjoy the noise, trust strangers, cherish the uncertainty and just go with the flow, nothing feels better than being invisible at times.

#Life Hack: Don’t be a tourist, be a lover. New York will follow you everywhere.
NYC Trivia
  • You cannot find a single pavement to walk around like Carrie Bradshaw in stiletto's. New York is always up and running. Take the Sex and the City Tour, very NY.
  • No Handsome sailor is ever pulling you for a V Day kiss at Times Square.
  • New York lights can blind you, yet you won’t blink. It’s too mesmerizing.
  • Walking is passé, hire a bicycle and enjoy the city.
  • Donuts don’t make you fat they just make you happy. Have one for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Friends was shot at a studio in LA and not in New York..heart break.
  • Jaywalking is an art form in NY but, Mumbaikar’s are pro at it.
  • Central Park is larger than the principality of Monaco.
  • Invest time in watching NY Broadway shows.
  • NY is stylish in every season, carry your best clothes.
  • Every day is Halloween at Time Square, enjoy the madness.
Have no hang ups, no judgement NY is all about its jazz and truly lovable.

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Unapologetic me!

I want people to whisper, “Who is this creature walking higher than the rest with the confidence of a peacock, intelligence of a jungle cat and is swaying with supreme authority…This is my story, I want to be the Hero.

The day you decide to be your best version, is the day you are in a position to grip uncertainty.
Trust your instincts. Often times what you felt first is what carries you when everything else fails

#Life Hack: Be fearless. Even if you are nervous wreck, ROAR. No one knows your battle as well as you do.

Cheat Code
Be you, enjoy your individuality
Acknowledge your wings
Never kill the child in you, no age justifies the death of a carefree laugh
Be selfish, its fine
Never regret anything because at one time this is what you wanted.
When in doubt wear something sexy pour yourself a drink and think… your mindset will be different.
Follow your heart
Feel love..cherish
Feel sexy... pout
Feel blah..scream
Feel flirty..wink
Feel fit…enjoy your curves
Feel you …be you.
Self worth cannot be measured, it can only be celebrated through growth of what you are or what you want you to be. 

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Age doesn't just begin at 30, it begins to show

I have been working out since a decade and it’s the most liberating and peaceful “me time”. Everyone needs some motivation to stay fit. Yours could be crop tops, low jeans, winks, smirks, short shorts, whistles, insecure girlfriends, being calm, gymstagrams, anger, or the last movie you watched. Whatever the reason just tie those shoelaces and start chasing your goal.

30ish is a slippery slope. You tend to go easy on yourself and sometimes let go. You are probably concentrating on your career or planning a family but at times it’s important to listen to your body and bracket some time for its well being.

#Life Hack: Age shows in ways you don't realise. Eat-Sleep-Workout accordingly.

Pick something you like, and one step at a time start building on your mental and physical commitment towards a healthier lifestyle.
Mission -AK 36-26-36, girls this is for you.
  • Girl sweating on the treadmill is hotter to the one pouting on the dance floor.
  • Eat whatever makes you happy then think of the actress who gets you the most jealous.Your next meal will automatically shrink.
  • Lose weight not your charm! size zero is a myth, be curvy and happy.
  • Set goals and kick em …REPEAT.
Everyone is very conscious about their health which is a good sign, as long as you are self-motivated it will work. You don’t have to workout for hours, a focused 30 minutes session is good enough.

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