Friday, September 12, 2014

Unapologetic me!

I want people to whisper, “Who is this creature walking higher than the rest with the confidence of a peacock, intelligence of a jungle cat and is swaying with supreme authority…This is my story, I want to be the Hero.

The day you decide to be your best version, is the day you are in a position to grip uncertainty.
Trust your instincts. Often times what you felt first is what carries you when everything else fails

#Life Hack: Be fearless. Even if you are nervous wreck, ROAR. No one knows your battle as well as you do.

Cheat Code
Be you, enjoy your individuality
Acknowledge your wings
Never kill the child in you, no age justifies the death of a carefree laugh
Be selfish, its fine
Never regret anything because at one time this is what you wanted.
When in doubt wear something sexy pour yourself a drink and think… your mindset will be different.
Follow your heart
Feel love..cherish
Feel sexy... pout
Feel blah..scream
Feel flirty..wink
Feel fit…enjoy your curves
Feel you …be you.
Self worth cannot be measured, it can only be celebrated through growth of what you are or what you want you to be. 

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