Friday, November 27, 2015


Wanna'preneur is a syndrome that makes you believe that being an entrepreneur is going to solve all your problems.
Life Hack: No one can fire you… you can’t quit either.
Reality Check
Lets get it straight, every entrepreneur has his “I do not wannapreneur days” they are almost equal to the actual number of days you spend being happy about your kick (your own) ass move. 

Stuff like Aamir Khan’s opinion on 'intolerance', and Modi’s global tours makes no difference to your life. You are beyond social trolls.

Self doubt is going to be your new hobby, it's just the way it is.

A good sense of humor is going to add balance to your emotional turmoil. It won't make you happy but stronger. (most imp tip)

Super Power Dismantled
You will grow as a person, and find capacity that didn’t know was possible. Every time someone puts you down you will find more energy to bounce back. Every knock gets you more stubborn about your goal. Its a space that will test every inch of your persistence. Bend, but do not break (no pun intended)
CAUTION: Not for the weak heart. 
If you have a survival tip, please leave a comment for my readers.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Love Bytes - Mira Savoor fights domestic violence.

Romantic - He loves me, he loves me not. Tragic - He loves me, still beats me a lot. 
We talk to a fighter, applaud her audacity to come forward and break the silence at the age of 83.
Life Hack: Love shouldn’t hurt.
When we started with the interview she was numb, but as the conversation got serious our camera started capturing her true strength of character. Mira was married at the age of 18 to a handsome army officer. They made a picture perfect couple to the world, but the reality of this marriage was outlined with grudge. Every night Mira was emotionally and physically tortured for reasons unknown to her.
"He would beat me with thick ammunition boots"
She lived in fear for 30 years, until one night when something pushed her out of that nightmare. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the judgement that there is something more dangerous.

We tried a social experiment with Mira, by using dissociative reality. This was facilitated using mind reading technique of transmitting our consciousness to deal with trauma. It is used as a healing therapy for someone who has gone through negativity over a long period of time. After a few sessions, the mind starts detaching itself from the trauma leading to a positive outlook. This social experiment has been performed by Mohit Rao.
Everyone wants to know why didn't she leave, well because most of the victims are in denial for the longest time. The next phase is isolation which leads to loss in the ability to fight. So next time you take pride and think “I would have walked out”, please empathise with their reality. It is far more scary than you think. 

What hurts most is not the words of an enemy but the silence of our friends. Do not be a bystander. 
Domestic Violence is not a women’s issue but a man’s issue. If men start taking this up with authority, it could lead to a progressive change. I can challenge a real man will not be offended with the previous statement. 

Mira will give any 30ish complex, in terms of her zest for life. She raised 2 beautiful and confident daughters, they live on their own terms and share a great bond. Abuse exists in silence, the very first part in healing is shattering the silence. Mira's story needs to be shared, discussed with your young children because our society needs a voice that revolts against injustice. No one has the right to beat you, rape you or abuse you. Ask for help, it will only get worse. 
Leave your comments, you might inspire someone to speak up.

#YouthKiAwaaz features 30ish
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gold Rush - Amritsar

Most frequently asked question - How do you fund your travel?
Me - My ‘To Be’ but now ‘X ’ Louis Vuitton
The logic is simple I invest in experiences and not things, its much more comforting.

Our Story is going viral on leading travel websites.

Sasriyakaal Punjab! Our next pit stop is the land of “Khet”, endless fields.
Life Hack: Amritsar is known for Parathas, Patiyala pegs (everything large*, especially whiskey) and Patolas (attractive women). 
Sprinkled with history this city is an absolute colour burst and a foodies paradise. If you ask for black tea, they are convinced that you are unwell. “No Doodh”, is tragic. 
Welcome to Golden Temple through the eyes of miss sunshine - She will insist you have the halwa (dipped in pure ghee, tastes divine) and is quite diligent with her duty (Sewa), one cannot escape her enthusiastic strides. Everyone serving (age 4 onwards) at the Golden Temple is doing it out of faith in humanity. 

No one checked my bag, I wasn't asked to leave my cell phone and camera in a locker, no one tried selling me flowers and offerings, no VIP queues.
The Langar / Free Kitchen at the Golden Temple is worlds largest community kitchen serving upto 1,00,000 visitors every day. Their faith encourages them to dismantle social barrier and insists that everyone eats, cooks and serves food together irrespective of gender and caste.
The way you choose to absorb a new place is totally your imagination, everyone visiting Amritsar makes a customary visit to the Golden Temple, I stepped in as a tourist and returned with gold, which for me is a feeling of being blessed by simplicity. 
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Friday, November 13, 2015

30ish & MARD

This post has been published in our column "On the 30ish Slope" in #LivingLocal, November Issue. It is also a tribute to #NoShaveNovember where men worldwide are doing their bit by embracing their hair.(cancer patients suffer hair loss during treatment),they will be donating the money typically spent on grooming to support cancer treatment. 30ish is giving men the benefit of doubt, and hoping this is not a lazy excuse to not shave!

Couple of decades back, a typical “MARD” was someone very macho. A strong man who fought goons to protect his damsel in distress. This generation cheered every time Amitabh Bachchan screamed,‘Mard ko dard nahi hota”.The definition has gone through various iterations, MARD in 2015 is a progressive man who cheers for his woman every time she wins, shares responsibility, isn't conscious  about being sensitive and stands with her through tough decisions.

#Life Hack: Real MARD will flaunt a bigger heart than muscles. 
This post is not about what women expect from men but about all those men, who in their own way want to tell women that they respect us. I know so many men who are a “True Gentleman” and treat us right. My blog is perceived as being feminine but its surprising that 50% of the readers are men who feel as strongly about issues affecting women.

These men are amongst us, our dad, brothers, spouse, partner, sons, friends and we love them. Men and women think differently but we balance each other, thats the beauty of relationships. As a social influencer, I suggest when you make us laugh, we find you 100077873987 times more attractive. Yes, I am an independent woman of the new millennium and I accept this without any bias, happy men make happier women.

Every time these real men stand with us, support us and wear pink to amuse us, our heart smile’s. After all being a gentleman never goes out of fashion.
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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dil*wali Diwali

Airports are packed, everyone is trying to get home. Online portals and App's are promising best deals, crazy jams are making sure you spend maximum time being “30ish and stuck in traffic”. 

Imagine a hypothetical situation, what if lord Rama was returning from his exile in 2015 (2001 to 2015). He would definitely be offered a wild card entry into BigBoss season 9 because they need to jumpstart TRP’s. Sita’s entry song would be “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo” and her jewellery will be sponsored by TBZ. Snap Deal, Amazon and Pepper Fry will be event partners. Google Maps shall track his exact location. How confused Rama would be? India has changed drastically in 14 years of his absence, we are embracing consumerism in full glory.

Life Hack
Dimaag - Mere paas saare amazing patake hai.
Dil - Mere pass maachis hai beta

Blogger’s are pushing products left, right and centre for diwali discounts, I refuse to join the band wagon because there is no discount for a blog that talks deeper than fashion and lifestyle. So, 30ish is going to talk to you about a Real Deal - I mean Real Dil :D 

This Diwali, follow your heart. If there was this one thing that was always on your bucket list but never got real, sort that. Let the rocket of your dreams take off, gift yourself the courage to dream big.
Blogger’s are pushing products left, right and centre for diwali discounts, I refuse to join the band wagon because there is no discount for a blog that talks deeper than fashion and lifestyle. So, 30ish is going to talk to you about a Real Deal - I mean Real Dil :D 

This Diwali, follow your heart. If there was this one thing that was always on your bucket list but never got real, sort that. Let the rocket of your dreams take off, gift yourself the courage to dream big.
Statutory Warning: This post is not sponsored by Big Boss, Snapdeal, Amazon, Pepperfry, TBZ, Google or Salman Khan. It's a property of Mumbai traffic jams, because that’s what sparked this IDEA. No no, Idea Cellular hasn’t sponsored it either. You get the drift!
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Friday, November 6, 2015

Desi Road Trip - National Highway 1A Jammu

First rule of any road trip is to have an open heart, currently on National Highway 1A exploring Jammu. One of the places I visited on this route was Vaishnodevi. Not religious but I believe in the power of positivity and spirituality

Life Hack: This post is a personal interpretation. Don’t judge my words dive deeper into the context, there is a hidden message.
Every North Indian child is taken to this holy shrine at some point in life, my first memory was as a 6 year old who was made to climb on a Pithoo (a human carrying kids/luggage)As a child I loved the ride, it gave me a better view of the valley but when I think of it now, seems quite unfair!
Devotees trek for 4-7 hrs, one way(depending on your speed)in extreme weather conditions. Nothing stops them, each one is convinced that they will complete the journey and surprisingly they do. Human spirit is challenged and the winner is each ones “will power”. What if we focused all the dedication towards overcoming the hurdles within our mind. She will guide you if you are willing to be brave.

As I stood in front of the devi, I was numb. Everyone around me was zoned out, as if they just met her, but in my head I was fighting a conflict. On the way back, I decided to trek to Katra alone and unlock this mystery within. I could feel how different parts of my personality which had baffled me at times were in fact her manifestation in all human beings. Every time I decided to stand for myself irrespective of the consequences (Durga). When I decided to take up my new journey fearlessly (Kali) and thats when I felt a real connection. 
  • After completing the trek, grab some hot rajma chawal. It is the ultimate carb load, like you earned it!
  • Organic almonds and walnuts available in the local markets are a must buy.
  • There is no signal for prepaid sim cards, so make sure two of you in the group have a post paid card, for safety purpose.
  • If you love animals, your heart will break on how horses are treated. They lead a real tough life carrying humans and construction material.

She would never want you to suffer, to reach out to her.
She stands for strength that guides every decision you take, she is within you. #BetOnYourself
Road Tripper's Perspective
For those who do not know the mythological connect
Located on the peaks of Trikuta, the holy cave of the goddess has an interesting legend. It is believed that several centuries ago, a selfish demon known as Bhairon Nath started chasing a young girl named Vaishno Devi, who was the reincarnation of the mother goddess and an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. She meditated for nine months in a cave known as ‘Garbh Joon’ before being disrupted by Bhairon. She was then compelled to take the form of Kali and behead the demon.
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