Friday, November 6, 2015

Desi Road Trip - National Highway 1A Jammu

First rule of any road trip is to have an open heart, currently on National Highway 1A exploring Jammu. One of the places I visited on this route was Vaishnodevi. Not religious but I believe in the power of positivity and spirituality

Life Hack: This post is a personal interpretation. Don’t judge my words dive deeper into the context, there is a hidden message.
Every North Indian child is taken to this holy shrine at some point in life, my first memory was as a 6 year old who was made to climb on a Pithoo (a human carrying kids/luggage)As a child I loved the ride, it gave me a better view of the valley but when I think of it now, seems quite unfair!
Devotees trek for 4-7 hrs, one way(depending on your speed)in extreme weather conditions. Nothing stops them, each one is convinced that they will complete the journey and surprisingly they do. Human spirit is challenged and the winner is each ones “will power”. What if we focused all the dedication towards overcoming the hurdles within our mind. She will guide you if you are willing to be brave.

As I stood in front of the devi, I was numb. Everyone around me was zoned out, as if they just met her, but in my head I was fighting a conflict. On the way back, I decided to trek to Katra alone and unlock this mystery within. I could feel how different parts of my personality which had baffled me at times were in fact her manifestation in all human beings. Every time I decided to stand for myself irrespective of the consequences (Durga). When I decided to take up my new journey fearlessly (Kali) and thats when I felt a real connection. 
  • After completing the trek, grab some hot rajma chawal. It is the ultimate carb load, like you earned it!
  • Organic almonds and walnuts available in the local markets are a must buy.
  • There is no signal for prepaid sim cards, so make sure two of you in the group have a post paid card, for safety purpose.
  • If you love animals, your heart will break on how horses are treated. They lead a real tough life carrying humans and construction material.

She would never want you to suffer, to reach out to her.
She stands for strength that guides every decision you take, she is within you. #BetOnYourself
Road Tripper's Perspective
For those who do not know the mythological connect
Located on the peaks of Trikuta, the holy cave of the goddess has an interesting legend. It is believed that several centuries ago, a selfish demon known as Bhairon Nath started chasing a young girl named Vaishno Devi, who was the reincarnation of the mother goddess and an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. She meditated for nine months in a cave known as ‘Garbh Joon’ before being disrupted by Bhairon. She was then compelled to take the form of Kali and behead the demon.
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