Monday, August 31, 2015

Gentlewoman of Sports Broadcasting in India - Harini Rana (Profile)

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She is Sachin’s straight drive, Dravid’s cover front, Dhoni’s iconic helicopter shot to sports journalism in India. Meet India’s top broadcast journalist and commentator of the last decade, Harini Rana. Doesn’t flaunt a fancy pixy hair cut, no diamonds, or designer snob. Sports is male dominated, but I cannot take away anything from Harini's commitment. She makes hard work seem effortless, a true Gentlewoman. 

#Life Hack: Strong Women celebrate each other, 30ish wants you to read stories that are beyond the norms of conventional beauty.
As a journalist, you naturally start connecting with the athletes as someone who is silently watching their journey. Witness all the small steps before the big game, all the sacrifices that led to their victory and the heart break post loss. Harini has covered almost all the international sporting events in the last 8-10 years, such stories have constructed her own personality. When you are middle of so much glamour you can either be one of them or shine out like a star who believes in spreading light. I wanted to pluck her out of her profession and know who she really is. And she is Guts!
Harini's Vision - She is keen on sports being a part of our youth's upbringing by building on a robust plan to facilitate support and encouragement. Harini is endorsing #IAmTheChange and is working towards making this a reality, 30ish will be more than happy to be a part of this movement, where every child is allowed to dream and play like they were born for the field. 
Her words - "Being a journalist is a thankless job and you are only as good as your last story and having worked in this business for close to decade now I know how true each word in that sentence is. One needs to draw a line, self sense of right and wrong is your only weapon".

Harini has such clarity of thought, that this post just went with the flow. My only challenge was to not over dress her personality because the soul of this game changer lies in the fact that she is so genuine. You make us proud, watched you so closely in sports media and there was no person I met from your fraternity who wasn't charmed by your simplicity. Beautiful in and out and an inspiration for women who shy away from playing like a master blaster @30ish. Be as gentle and fearless, always.
PS: Her boss challenges the entire nation, (Any guesses?) and she thinks 2 strides ahead, to keep up with him. I rest my case! Respect lady :D

Watch the video and experience her intellectual power 
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

#WhatWomenWant - RE'LOVEUTION Vlog

It's ironic, as India approaches 69th year of its Independence, our government decides to ban porn (failed attempt). Next, they might ban DilDo.. I meant Dil Do (Love)**

30ish was challenged by India’s most renowned Mind Reader for a social experiment on decoding #WhatWomenWant. His conviction was freaking my blogger super powers, so challenge ACCEPTED!
Mind Reading is a talent developed over years of practice, its balanced on intuition and strong connect with the audience. Not that I doubt his skill, but a man’s understanding of a woman is different from what she thinks of herself. #Naturesjokeonmankind. 

#Life Hack: Women crave deep emotional intimacy, this social experiment wasn’t about condoms. All the women who took the challenge were spontaneous and free spirited. #WhatWomenWant is to be given a choice, in and out of bed. 
Fun Facts, to involve you in our madness.
  • Pre Shoot - 3 weeks of hustling
  • Number of Women contacted - 40
  • Number of B & C grade actresses approached -15 (we can't afford an Aliya Bhatt or Irfan Khan)
  • Number of Women who agreed to be candid -7 (An impressive profile - students, doctor, blogger, trainer, lawyer)
  • Main Prop - Condoms, just to freak them.
  • Standard Excuse - ‘It’s too bold and dangerous'. Sweetheart you judged yourself, before anyone else could, we are not talking about missiles
  • Why 30ish - Pumping soul into individual brands is what excites 30ish. 70% of my readers are women, the rest 30% are very progressive men so the blog is facilitating reach and RELOVEUTION. Being feminine is an emotional stimulation, we got to own it. 
Tweet us at #WhatWomenWant

This marks 30ish's debut on YouTube. I had the choice between giving you hairstyling tips & #WhatWomenWant as my first Vlog, I chose this.. **AmBitchious 

Sex seems more glamorous in movies and novels, the real deal breaker is how you keep it alive. Pay attention to her. Check the Video to know what happens when a Mind Reader decodes your most intimate choice The video was previewed by 50 women before uploading it on You Tube, we hope to break the internet :D.  Don't miss the end, that's where the magic unfolds.

MR has pulled off some phenomenal social stunts, catch a glimpse of his YouTube channel. Not to forget he changed his profession @30ish, one more reason for me to profile him. When a man is raised by strong women it show’s in his choices. This is probably why he picks on such edgy discussion points. 

He has also worked closely with the Safety of Women Department to promote their helpline 103. Making 103 women walk on glass, not one hurt, they achieved this by the power of their mind. 
It’s very convenient to be a corporate performer with more than 150 high profile shows, but a restless entrepreneur is a beast. I like to work with unconventional talent, they know how to 'raise the bar'.
Team Work makes the Dream Work - Bang Gae 
Concept and Skill Check - Mohit Rao
Sanity Check - Gauri Rao
DOP and Edit Check - Mrunal Shah
Promise to put my Best Vlog Forward! Tell us what you think, leave a comment. With lot of excitement and butterflies, 30ish gets BOLD.
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Intellectual Freedom, I am the change - Living Local

This article has been published in Living Local, August 2015 Issue

Patriotism in 2015, expects us to lay the foundation of Intellectual Freedom for generations to come. India is striding towards a positive society, according to market trend studies India’s strength is our youth. Ever thought, what makes them so powerful? They are progressive.

#Life Hack: If each one of us accepts the challenge of progress being a personal responsibility then our nation will never have to look back. 
Earlier parents influenced our career choices, now they trust our decision. This generation is not waiting to join MNC’s, they dream about start-ups and building their future. They want to be entrepreneurs, and redefine their boundaries.

30ish is a cusp age group, You are well aware about the expectations of the previous generation, and still in sync with Gen-Y. This makes us more powerful and capable to drive change. Match this to a situation 100 years back, when our freedom fighters took the ownership of fighting for their rights. They did not wait for political leaders to take a step, instead formed power groups and chased every opportunity to stand for the pride of our motherland. A century back, they screamed “I am the change” now its our responsibility to own their legacy.  Endorse ‘I am the change’.
We have the capability and strength, there will be no modi-fication, unless you modify yourself. Collaborate and grow, there is so much talent around us, the first step could be to support each other. The virtual world gives us the liberty of time and space, believe in people.
Its not about big promises, but small steps in the right direction. Our Yuva* has the potential to take India to the next level, all we need to do is channelise their energy. 

Respect your individuality, its precious.
Jai Hind, 30ish
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Am'Bitchious by choice

You are too Ambitious! 

First Reaction - I do not want to be judged,  its very unsettling (back foot)
Second Reaction - Screw you, I refuse to be an invisible woman 

Our Society is averse to change. This is not a gender issue we are intimidated by someone who challenges life, probably a reflection of our own fear.

#Life Hack : You will grow, only if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable.
Before setting out on my own every time I went for an interview, they asked me "where do you see yourself 5 years from now". I tried having a standard answer but the interviewers attitude changed my response, I did not see myself working with him. My interviews were on the borderline of being tagged as rebellious, I had too many ideas that challenged their rules.

30ish and an entrepreneur is a deadly combination, you just challenged the entire universe to have an opinion about your life.  Not that I care, but when someone tells me to ‘slowdown’ I want to punch their face. Keeping this post short, giving you time to think of how every time you thought 'out of the box', you were shoved back in the box and locked.

I write this post to all those friends and readers who at some point felt judged for dreaming big. Be stubborn about what matters to you, it feels great to prove everyone wrong. Sometimes you have to be fierce to protect your sparkle, its justified.
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