Monday, August 31, 2015

Gentlewoman of Sports Broadcasting in India - Harini Rana (Profile)

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She is Sachin’s straight drive, Dravid’s cover front, Dhoni’s iconic helicopter shot to sports journalism in India. Meet India’s top broadcast journalist and commentator of the last decade, Harini Rana. Doesn’t flaunt a fancy pixy hair cut, no diamonds, or designer snob. Sports is male dominated, but I cannot take away anything from Harini's commitment. She makes hard work seem effortless, a true Gentlewoman. 

#Life Hack: Strong Women celebrate each other, 30ish wants you to read stories that are beyond the norms of conventional beauty.
As a journalist, you naturally start connecting with the athletes as someone who is silently watching their journey. Witness all the small steps before the big game, all the sacrifices that led to their victory and the heart break post loss. Harini has covered almost all the international sporting events in the last 8-10 years, such stories have constructed her own personality. When you are middle of so much glamour you can either be one of them or shine out like a star who believes in spreading light. I wanted to pluck her out of her profession and know who she really is. And she is Guts!
Harini's Vision - She is keen on sports being a part of our youth's upbringing by building on a robust plan to facilitate support and encouragement. Harini is endorsing #IAmTheChange and is working towards making this a reality, 30ish will be more than happy to be a part of this movement, where every child is allowed to dream and play like they were born for the field. 
Her words - "Being a journalist is a thankless job and you are only as good as your last story and having worked in this business for close to decade now I know how true each word in that sentence is. One needs to draw a line, self sense of right and wrong is your only weapon".

Harini has such clarity of thought, that this post just went with the flow. My only challenge was to not over dress her personality because the soul of this game changer lies in the fact that she is so genuine. You make us proud, watched you so closely in sports media and there was no person I met from your fraternity who wasn't charmed by your simplicity. Beautiful in and out and an inspiration for women who shy away from playing like a master blaster @30ish. Be as gentle and fearless, always.
PS: Her boss challenges the entire nation, (Any guesses?) and she thinks 2 strides ahead, to keep up with him. I rest my case! Respect lady :D

Watch the video and experience her intellectual power 
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