Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mom @30ish, congratulations you a warrior

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Every mother is fighting a silent battle. I am very attached to one of my projects #PhotoblogHER, where  I narrate the story of her motherhood through photographs. Moments of her holding the baby, telling them stories, building their dreams is what stays back as a priceless memory. This post is a reflection of my interactions with all the mothers in the past 6 months. 
#Life Hack: Imperfections make us unforgettable, they remind us of our struggles and our victory. Ask a mother to define her stretch marks and she will say, ‘a beautiful battle’ where I won. 
New mom’s apologise “Sorry I am not in the best shape, but can you make me look slimmer, prettier, sexier”. My reply surely, we can work on the lighting and angles. But the fact is that no photoshop will hide her battle lines. They are her identity. 
It’s a very difficult space, food, career, relationships and social pressure are always playing hide and seek. The only way to fight back is to accept it. Your beauty is beyond your insecurities and the texture of your skin. As a woman, I love your stretch marks, dark circles, love handles and cellulite..because thats life.
Bloggers are supposed to be influencers. This power should be used to tell women across the globe that their body type does not need a stamp from the society. You are not a fruit basket.. apples and pears are for the farmers market. A mother will always choose strength, thats your reality.
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Love and Grace
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  1. Beautiful pooji.. touched by this post.. U know my baby is my world and the best thing that has every happened to me.thanks for this beautiful post. Love 30ish.

    1. :) You are one of the strong women who have inspired to write this post .. always be yourself and glow

  2. Very nice post but I think in today's world it's not just women but also men and children who feel ashamed of themselves because they don't look like how some fashion mag or some steroid pumping, protein powder addicted celebrity says a human should. Fitness is one thing but getting obsessed by the number of biscuits on your abs or the cuts of your biceps quite another.

    1. Vish I totally agree with your thoughts. Men, women, kids are pushed into having unreal expectations. Thanks for thinking forward and sharing your thoughts.. keep writing to 30ish :)

  3. Lovely pooji......proud of those stretch marks as it reminds you of those nine months nurturing a life within you and beyond that your baby becomes your world then it doesnt matter what the world standards of beautiful made us feel beautiful again with this 30ish.....keep up the good work:))

    1. Thanks Sarmisstha, that was really heart felt.. 30ish loves you back :D