Monday, September 14, 2015

#30ishTALKS, being a Coach'ar.

Taking 30ish* to LIVE audience was electric. I have lived this brand like a zombie in the last one year. When I stood on that stage, one thing was very clear that 30ish is much bigger than the vision I started with. Being authentic has made 30ish flaming and stunning. Thanks for believing in me.

Public speaking is one of the top 3 social fears known to humans, interesting trivia. Just breathe and hold the bull by its horns! My first and most iconic experience of public speaking was when I forgot the definition of “Inflation”(Economics, BMM). If you are born in the 80’s every professor will give you the example of onions being affected by inflation, thats exactly what I blanked out at. Till date onions represent tragedy.

#Life Hack: Every speech is spilt into 3. What you prepared for, what you delivered and what you could have.
My Day in a nutshell, comedy of errors
Every time they cheered, the excitement made me forget the next point :D

Not making this melodramatic, because days like these remind you that 'life is a joke' and overthinking just makes it worse. Was so hyper that I blow dried my hair for 45 minutes and slept, its a miracle they are still intact. Kept thinking I will wear “That Grey Dress” but “That Grey Dress” was with the dry cleaner (quite organised) 
Should think before you get on stage
Read your lines
Practice your speech

Should not think, but I did.
Why does my right lense seem clearer than left, what if I trip.
I need water now, or I will choke
I should distract myself, may be update my FB profile (which I did)
What if John Snow is alive, (obsessive GOT repeat watching syndrome)
I think the show MC is forgetting her lines (forgot this could happen to me as well)
Book an Ola
But FIRST please try to breathe and concentrate
Don't fear perfection, acting silly is a hidden weapon. You will always remember the kid who forgot his lines and bounced back with a cuter goof up. Connect with their heart, be real. 30ish is now a movement in progress, thanks to all our goodwill ambassadors. Leave your comments, I will get back with a giant smile.

Being a Coach'ar, but my way.
Pooja Kochar.
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