Monday, December 29, 2014

#2015 Fitter

Fitter 2015# will be the most common New Year resolution.

Most of us believe that we have out grown the “new year resolution scene”, but secretly we set goals for ourselves. Eating clean and staying fit is one of them. An unhealthy lifestyle kicks you harder with age and that’s when it tops the New Year resolution chart.
Everyone has days when your track pants read Juicy Couture BUT* your ass screams Dunkin Donuts. 
#Life Hack: Dear tummy you aren't empty, you are just bored. Learn the difference.
There are two kinds of people, first category who wants to get fit and the second one that gets fit no matter what. It’s all about your motivation, if you associate it with something positive you will kill it. But if it’s associated with pain, boredom and TASK then trust me donuts are your only escape.

Make exercise a part of your routine like brushing your teeth and drinking tea. So your brain is trained not to attach any emotion to it and just roll with the flow, this trick works for me.

There is a fundamental mistake that people make, fit is not skinny, fit is strong. Do this for yourself. Your body is the only thing that sticks with you during bad relationships, crazy lifestyles, tough economies and unhappy moments. Start investing in yourself.

I respect the bulky boy running, I respect the underweight girl building strength by lifting weights, I respect the 50 yrs old staying healthy. Every time your workout makes you proud, you will respect yourself more.
Stick to this resolution forever.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Exchange #hugs this Christmas

It's priceless to be the reason for someone's smile.

I am hard core North Indian and we don't believe that an Xmas tree can make us happy.. its about the entire Khet* (Field -Sarson ka khet, Gobi ka khet OTT North Indian absurdity) this is what my dad told me at the age 10. 
I think what he really meant was to have a big heart and spread happiness.

#Life Hack: I believe in squeeze you, can't breathe without you hugs..they are the warmest
If you are working on 24th Dec you definitely need a tight hug and a slice of choco devil cake, but the question is whom do I share it with. I don't know these kids but hugs work, it’s your passport to someone’s heart, so that’s what we did. A tiny miny sparkle moment for all of us, besides the fact that they called me "Santa didi".

Love is when you stop opening gifts for a second and breathe the air in that room…

Hug someone the moment you finish reading this post. I assure, you will have a Big Smile and that will beat all your secret santa gifts.

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What does an Indian feel about the Peshawar attack

This is how you poison an entire generation

A generation that is yet to form an opinion
A generation that could have been unbiased
A generation that preferred peace over violence

#Life Hack : Mumbai, Paris or Peshawar, no child belongs to someone else.

A old rescued student with teary eyes looks straight into the camera and screams, “I want to grow up and finish Taliban” his emotional turmoil and a strong emotion of revenge is exactly what the terrorist wanted. Strangely they have managed to propagate animosity yet again.

I am an average Indian, using public transport, moving around in the most crowded areas I know anything could happen, one blast and it’s all over. That fear can grip the brightest of minds, innocent children will never forget the image of their friends and teachers being shot on the pretext of religion.

The Indian in me wants to reach out to the students and hope their fear does not mature into hatred. It’s not about Pakistan, Taliban, Paris, London or Hindustan, it’s about the cascading effect such gruesome attacks leave on our faith in humanity.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

On screen PK and real PK are Sotally Tober

December is the month of crazy parties, everyone is gearing up for the wedding season, Christmas and New Year celebrations. Getting high is normal if you are the one who’s drinking but if you aren't then it’s like watching LIVE stand-up comedy.
Everyone is a reincarnation of a Super Hero. For years I have been teased for my initials “PK” Oh you are born drunk (standard joke), and now thanks to Amir Khan I am trending with silly digs.

Do you know such friends?
  • They walk across the dance floor to get some more drinks and end up winning the dance   competition
  • The 'angry young man', anyone has an issue?
  • If you ask them for a weekend forecast, their reply is “mostly drunk”
#Life Hack: When you are 1 drink away from telling everyone what u REALLY think, STOP
Rules of Alcohol
  • The Biggest trouble is when you WhatsApp when drunk, that sword is lethal. Pls stick to taking selfies, do not text your ex’s, boss, mom all 3 are danger buttons
  • If he/she still looks ugly then the Vodka is fake 
  • Mixing drinks leads to mixing dance partners, which leads to delay in hangover recovery the next day so try sticking to your own girl
When was the last time you laughed at yourself? Its completely healthy to have a good laugh at your self, who knows you might be missing out on a real good joke. So every time someone says "PK hai kya" I want to scream YO! You can be high on life.. Don’t have to be *Pee Kay*.

To laugh at yourself, you have to love yourself ---Mickey Mouse.
Do you have any Sober* moments to share?? leave a comment:D

Thursday, December 11, 2014

When Mumbai decides to make us smile

One belongs to Mumbai instantly, as much in a week as in a year.
There are times when Mumbai reminds you of "Bombay", the old charm of the city makes you want to hold it tighter and relive that emotion.

#Life Hack :Mumbai ek dum danger place, where you survive if you got the pace … Bollywood(where dreams and dreamers win)

Sometimes, in the middle of all the noise and crowd Mumbai decides to play a little peek a boo and make us smile. All Mumbai wants, is to share an imaginary cutting chai* and marvel at its raw energy.
Mumbai made me smile when it decided to dress in sparkling lights

Mumbai made me smile when this cat decided to indulge in some retail therapy in the busy Crawford market. No one disturbed her, we quietly shopped while she relaxed on the counter.

Mumbai made me smile when out of no context, these school kids agreed to pose for this picture

Mumbai made me smile when I could buy world’s best publication for 1/10th the cost .There are piles of books and treasure of wisdom waiting to be explored

Mumbai made me smile when the view got hazy because of raindrops

Mumbai made me smile when the aroma of its street food made me want to chuck all fancy restaurants and binge on the desi version of the Italian pizza

Mumbai makes me smile for reasons that are no big deal, but I love them because its between Mumbai and me…its our vibe.

PS: All these images were clicked randomly, but when put together make an interesting perspective.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Darling, even leaves FALL for you!

For a typical Mumbaikar, there’s nothing called, “seasons”. We wear the same clothes whole year round except rains, when we swim in our speedo’s to work. So when I landed in Boston and was greeted by the first orange fall of my life it was magical.
Boston’s reputation as a walking city relies on the fact that you can reach any place within 30-40 minutes. Autumn adds a different flavour to the vibe of the place. Every leaf is the color of a flower and you automatically slide into peace.
It’s a poetic experience, everyone and everything seems to be in harmony.

Life Hack # FALLing in love should be like Polaroid, Instant!
Running in the Boston chill is a treat for your senses. As if you are running through a canvas of red yellow orange and never wanting to stop. Highly recommended for every nature lover and crazy runner.

Boston also gave me my first Halloween, I saw pumpkins everywhere. This changed my definition of “Kuddddo” it was no more the vegetable every kid avoids in India. Different cultures have different interpretations, this is a classic example. Apparently more than twice as many chocolates are sold for Halloween than Valentine's day. 
Walk around Boston and discover
·         Boston Common was America's first public park, deemed so in 1634. It’s the best place to take your fall’ pictures. You will find lot of artists just dreaming, writing, sketching, painting.
·         You can visit Harvard, and walk around in the University area. A must experience for a book worm like me. They have open class rooms, gardens, goofy students resembling Mark Zuckerberg. You feel like quitting everything, breaking all your fixed deposits and joining Harvard, at least I did.
·         Boston is full of open libraries, it has no roof, no billing counters. Pick what you want to read and return when done.
·         The Boston suburb of Quincy is home to the first Dunkin Donuts (located on Hancock Street). You owe yourself a big American breakfast.
There’s a saying, every time you fall* pick something. I picked orange and yellow memories. 

PS : This post is a throwback from my travel last year. Obviously I did not fly from China to Boston.. although I would love to

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

PINK is the colour of our blood

At a recent event, I met a very interesting woman and there was something she said that just got me hooked to know her story. She is an actress and a power brand in her own right.

“Hair and Breasts are over rated”, to any woman she would seem cynical but when a Breast Cancer survivor says so, you believe her.
The depth of what she said made me want to know everything related to Breast Cancer.
During the course of my research for this post, I dropped the idea twice. Images available online disturbed my perfect image of how a beautiful woman is “supposed to be”. Youtube videos were driving me insane, kept checking for an imaginary lump. I was paranoid with the question, “what if its me, or someone I love or someone I know..
The answer is to be aware and not scared. You are the first one to diagnose it, or feel the discomfort. An early detection and cure can help you heal and eradicate it completely.
 #Life Hack: For the Survivors, for the ones still fighting, for the ones we lost…
All the beautiful women featured in this blogpost are wearing pink as a symbol of their strength.
If only women were as obsessed with breasts as men, a few statistics to get you self aware
  • One in eight women is diagnosed with cancer in their life time, our life style changes, makes this number more erratic
  • Breast cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death due to cancer amongst women
  • Self-examination is the quickest form of detection, slightest doubt must be followed by mammography.
Strong women empower each other. Spread the word, be aware.
A special mention* None of the featured women questioned why I asked for their pink selfies, all they knew was that it’s for the next 30ish post. 
Their faith, is the best compliment.