Tuesday, December 16, 2014

On screen PK and real PK are Sotally Tober

December is the month of crazy parties, everyone is gearing up for the wedding season, Christmas and New Year celebrations. Getting high is normal if you are the one who’s drinking but if you aren't then it’s like watching LIVE stand-up comedy.
Everyone is a reincarnation of a Super Hero. For years I have been teased for my initials “PK” Oh you are born drunk (standard joke), and now thanks to Amir Khan I am trending with silly digs.

Do you know such friends?
  • They walk across the dance floor to get some more drinks and end up winning the dance   competition
  • The 'angry young man', anyone has an issue?
  • If you ask them for a weekend forecast, their reply is “mostly drunk”
#Life Hack: When you are 1 drink away from telling everyone what u REALLY think, STOP
Rules of Alcohol
  • The Biggest trouble is when you WhatsApp when drunk, that sword is lethal. Pls stick to taking selfies, do not text your ex’s, boss, mom all 3 are danger buttons
  • If he/she still looks ugly then the Vodka is fake 
  • Mixing drinks leads to mixing dance partners, which leads to delay in hangover recovery the next day so try sticking to your own girl
When was the last time you laughed at yourself? Its completely healthy to have a good laugh at your self, who knows you might be missing out on a real good joke. So every time someone says "PK hai kya" I want to scream YO! You can be high on life.. Don’t have to be *Pee Kay*.

To laugh at yourself, you have to love yourself ---Mickey Mouse.
Do you have any Sober* moments to share?? leave a comment:D


  1. I agree with all the rules of alcohol...Been there and NOT done that :)

    Although a great life in 30's gives a better high..

  2. Being a spectator is fun... and no hangovers ;)