Thursday, July 30, 2015

IncrediBULL Panga

Match - PK V/S MC
Just updated - 30ish interviewed the  winner 2015, . A super proud moment for Kabaddi. 
Opponent 1 - Pooja Kochar - 30ish and a Blogger  
Opponent 2 - Manjeet Chhillar - World Kabaddi Champion, Captain of Bengaluru Bulls and Ex Wrestler

So what if I was 1/4 his strength, it never stopped me from taking a panga #LePanga with the IncrediBULL captain of Bengaluru Bulls. He just smiled charmingly :D and thought I was crazy!

#Life Hack: You might not know the rules of Kabaddi, but when someone represents India on world stage, they should be applauded. 
I like to write about game changers and achievers. They are unconventional and bold but their skill and handwork is an inspiration. This interview was conducted in the car on our way to the Star Sports studio. Manjeet was so kicked about his sport getting the global exposure it deserved. This is for your dedication towards the game of Kabaddi.
Attention Please:Accolades 
Manjeet is a gold medallist in the National Championships in 2010, 2011 and 2012. He has also won gold at the Asian Indoor games in 2009 and the 2010 Asian games. He claimed bronze at the 2012 Asian beach games. India’s top defender.

The Bangalore team is a reflection of his leadership style. He would choose the harder right over an easy wrong, his only goal is to win the championship. He is a true blood of the soil and 
believes in strengthening the game at the grass root level by coaching young kabaddi players. 
What did I learn from Manjeet, in his own words,‘losing is not an option Pooja’ji. He wants to make a difference and proudly states that its never about the role, always about the goal. I agree Manjeet :)Wishing the the Bengaluru Bulls a great season.

It’s important, I look beyond the surface and choose stories that are less well-known than some of society’s more famous but 30ish is committed to challenging conventional blogging standards. #LePanga
Photo Credit - Sportskeeda
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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cricket to Kabaddi - Thigh Five #LePanga

It took 45 minutes for someone who was never interested in the game to being an enthusiast. Today I write about a sport that originated in our very own country and is the second most viewed sporting event in India with a record 435 million viewers across the globe. Kabaddi is India's contribution to the sports fraternity, but does it get its due respect from us? 

#Life Hack: India is the most successful team on the Kabaddi world stage, having won every World Cup and Asian Games title in both male and female category. Lets make "Thigh Five" popular. Check Salman Khan* doing it :D
Gold medals are not made of gold, but guts, determination and focus. To test my own skills I counted the number of times I could say kabaddi.. kabaddi.. Kabaddi in one breath, wasn’t tough but that’s not how it happens. Imagine 2 defenders pulling my leg and 3 locking my hands and 2 making sure I collapse before the center line. Kabaddi teaches you to use your strength and agility with the right balance. 

Star Sports has launched the 2nd season of the Pro Kabaddi League(PKL), They are doing a fabulous job in promoting the sport and providing world class exposure to the game and its players. The campaign for this season is called #LePANGA, suits the mood of the game. 
All of us like to take “panga” with that one person who instigates the beast in you:D. The players are fierce and take their passion for the game very seriously. Watching all 7 captains in the same frame during the Press Conference ensured the fact that PKL is going to inspire lot of youngsters to consider kabaddi as a profession. It’s a good sign as our nation needs inspiring sporting stories. Today  Amitabh Bachchan will sing our National Anthem at the opening ceremony of the Pro Kabaddi League
Watch Pro Kabaddi League on Star Sports :)
The followup post is an interview with the winner of 2 times Asian Game gold medalist, Manjeet who leads team Bangalore. His sincerity and commitment towards Kabaddi is a story worth knowing. Stay tuned for an interesting fan moment when PK takes over PKL #LePanga #BengalurubullsBe Our Fan Join us on Insta Follow Us on Twitter!

Monday, July 13, 2015

'Take Light', Hyderabad style

I visited Hyderabad like a first timer on my 20th trip.  This time the only difference was that I followed their life motto ,“Light Le Re”. Everytime there was panic and delay, a random person walked up to me and said “kuch nahi hoga re, light tisco”. 

#Life Hack : No matter how old you are, they will call you Amma or Pottie (chick), can't decide which one is worse! Girls please take it light :D 
I was in Hyderabad for a photography assignment and what took me by surprise was their fascination for Wall Art. A husband-wife team of Vijaya and Swathi use graffiti as an expression of art. They love to showcase Hyderabad’s cultural vibe through these paintings. Vibrant colors in true Hyderabadi style gives you a feel of downtown LA. Please include this in your next itinerary.
Another unbelievable phenomena of this city is their love for Telegu Soup’er Stars. I experienced this, thanks of the release of a recent blockbuster. Tollywood fans dance, burst crackers outside the theatre and watch the same movie 3-5 times. If you ever wish to experience stardom then head to Hyderabad. An average Mumbaikar can pass off as an upcoming movie star, they are quite liberal about their beauty standards.
They experienced more bandh's than working days in the last couple of years, thanks to the political confusion but there's something very Nawabi about the locals. Stress is not what happens to them, its their response that takes them to another level. #HyderabadSWAG
PhotoblogHER went all out on street photography. 
Hyderabad has to be relished, like their Biryani. It belongs to the young at heart old timers, if you know what I mean.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy Hour For Yourself - Living Local

This post has been published by Living Local Magazine, July 2015. 'On the 30ish Slope' is going to be a regular feature for their upcoming issues. 30ish steps out of the virtual world, the joy of connecting with my readers in the real world :D is super!
Check the link and read the post online -
Happy Hour For Yourself
We are so scared to live the life we love. Somehow, we seem to have accepted that it’s perfectly fine to shrink our ambitions and be mediocre.

Can you imagine a moment where you are neither thinking of the past nor future. Your present is the most important, yet ignored state of mind. You only live once, and 3/4th of the things we worry about do not even happen. In this world of crazy timelines, fast food, complicated relationships would you like to reserve a “happy hour” for yourself.

There will always be distractions and responsibilities, but you need to protect your magic. Think about it, if a person expects you to give up on the spark you are born with, then he/she is anyway not worth it.
#Life Hack - Every time you find humour in a difficult situation, you win. So SMILE
Few “Happy Hour “ cheat codes:
Create - We did this as kids, and as adults we just follow routine. Creating* is a self expression of things you like, your aesthetics and spirit. If you give yourself an hour to create something it will give you imaginary wings.
Activate - Age begins to show at 30, you will suddenly feel that all the late night madness is not working for you. Invest time in taking care of your pulse. You could try running, our hood has some great parks and running tracks. Any form of physical activity will help you focus and detox all your negativity. Compete with yourself, take a path that challenges your mind.
Learn something new - Make travel plans, go to a new place. Meet interesting people, know their stories. When you are in an unknown environment your senses automatically sharpen. The excitement of the unknown will make you think and and feel deeper. Everyone you meet, will know something you do not know.
Mental snooze - We ignore the importance of this magical activity, but trust me sleeping makes you forget all your worries and bounce back. Your happy hour can be all about “dreaming” and waking up with a smile.

30ish is a slippery slope, you are pushing yourself emotionally, mentally and physically. Everyone has their own way of coping with stress, and this article is not going to make you forget about your worries. All I wish is that it makes you realise that you can “do more, be more and love more.
Living Local, great effort. Our hood has tremendous potential. #LivingLocal
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