Thursday, July 30, 2015

IncrediBULL Panga

Match - PK V/S MC
Just updated - 30ish interviewed the  winner 2015, . A super proud moment for Kabaddi. 
Opponent 1 - Pooja Kochar - 30ish and a Blogger  
Opponent 2 - Manjeet Chhillar - World Kabaddi Champion, Captain of Bengaluru Bulls and Ex Wrestler

So what if I was 1/4 his strength, it never stopped me from taking a panga #LePanga with the IncrediBULL captain of Bengaluru Bulls. He just smiled charmingly :D and thought I was crazy!

#Life Hack: You might not know the rules of Kabaddi, but when someone represents India on world stage, they should be applauded. 
I like to write about game changers and achievers. They are unconventional and bold but their skill and handwork is an inspiration. This interview was conducted in the car on our way to the Star Sports studio. Manjeet was so kicked about his sport getting the global exposure it deserved. This is for your dedication towards the game of Kabaddi.
Attention Please:Accolades 
Manjeet is a gold medallist in the National Championships in 2010, 2011 and 2012. He has also won gold at the Asian Indoor games in 2009 and the 2010 Asian games. He claimed bronze at the 2012 Asian beach games. India’s top defender.

The Bangalore team is a reflection of his leadership style. He would choose the harder right over an easy wrong, his only goal is to win the championship. He is a true blood of the soil and 
believes in strengthening the game at the grass root level by coaching young kabaddi players. 
What did I learn from Manjeet, in his own words,‘losing is not an option Pooja’ji. He wants to make a difference and proudly states that its never about the role, always about the goal. I agree Manjeet :)Wishing the the Bengaluru Bulls a great season.

It’s important, I look beyond the surface and choose stories that are less well-known than some of society’s more famous but 30ish is committed to challenging conventional blogging standards. #LePanga
Photo Credit - Sportskeeda
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  1. Good one.. kabaddi is a sport for the solid mind as much as being physical.. He seems to have both going his way..

    1. Thanks Vish, Manjeet is quite a power house. Glad you enjoyed reading the post.

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