Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bhaag! What? "Gita"

9:00 AM Sunday mornings, most of India tuned into Doordarshan to get visually transported to an epic called Mahabharat*. The echo of “Mein Samay Hoon”(Milkyway), OTT characters, shudh hindi dialogues, Kintu, parantu, bhrataji, matashri,….nostalgia.

#Life Hack: Bhagavad Gita talks to the mind that is still searching, is still in conflict , is still learning and constantly seeking to explore. The interpretation is completely based on your own experiences.
 Ever tried looking up for Bhagavad Gita interpretation on Youtube? The most viewed videos have expats preaching, Bhagavad Gita. The way they pronounce it, is a complete disaster. Sounds something like BHAAG, WHAT? “GITA” isn't this very similar to what we think. “Oh my god that’s not for me!! I am too young, WHAT are you talking about? Its sad we shy away from this ocean of wisdom.
Gita has millions of interpretations and I will never be able to do justice by writing a post on this epic.It is the most dissected and debated scriptures of Hindu mythology. The verses can be symbolically interpreted to find meaning in your own life, you don’t have to read all of it. Watch the shorter versions available online.
For old time's sake, this is how I remember each character
Bhagavad Gita talks to all
The Young – To know how to live
The Old – To know how to die
The Learned – For humility
The Weak – For strength
The Strong – For direction
The Sinner – For warning
The Human – For guidance

All religious scriptures preach the same values. The way they say it, could be different but all insist that peace lies within us. To stay calm within, requires practice of mind and soul. 
We represent Kalyug, the "Age of Downfall", it's the fourth and final era in the spiritual evolution of man. I have very liberal views on religion, but being spiritual is a positive exchange of energy and this Kalyug definitely needs a cheat code for good vibes.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015


In 2015, Patriotism is Progressive
#Life Hack: Yes, I am the power, force and courage I wish for India

Yes, I breathe freedom by empowering the ones around me.
Yes, I belong to the generation that believes in 'Live and Let Live'.
Yes, I have my feet planted in our soil but my mind is exploring what the global world has to offer.
Yes, I will not put myself down because of the way you judge me.
Yes, I want to stand for myself.
Yes, I demand a nation where I do not feel unsafe.

This is my tribute to all those freedom fighters who owned #IAMTHECHANGE all through our freedom struggle. Its time we stand together to strengthen and build something our next generation will be proud of.

#IAMTHECHANGE and I pledge, devoting my time and energy towards educating young girls to stand up against personal and social violence. We will fight together.
There will be no Modi'fication ..until you modify yourself.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Running is power, redefine yourself

You don't need a pitch, no fancy gear, all you need is the power to FINISH STRONG.

I run when I am sad, tensed, happy, confused, anxious, excited. It’s just my way of finding peace. 
There’s a road in front, you can either look at your goal and adjust your pace or look down and take it step by step. Compete with yourself, take a path that challenges your mind.

#Life Hack: Your reason to run is you, do it for yourself.
Successful runners are tenacious, you have to be determined to reach the finish line.

It’s not about finding who you are, but about creating yourself. Your mind will bargain with the body, your body has to support. Your mind alone will not put you through a tough run but it will guide your body to manage fatigue, hydration, and strength. All the full and half marathoners finishing the race had only one emotion, Pride. 42km or 21km does not define you, but your determination does.
Running is a tough sport in India with no formal financial backing but we need to stand for our athletes. This post won’t make you run faster, it will only make you think that running is worth giving a chance. Get Inspired, by these very humble Mumbai Marathon Indian Elite Athlete winners. 
Men: 1. Karan Singh 2:21:35, 2. Arjun Pradhan 2:22:22, 3. Bahadur Singh Dhoni 2:22:41.
Women: 1. O.P. Jaisha 2:37:29, 2. Lalita Babar 2:38:21, 3. Sudha Singh 2:42:12. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mumbai Marathon: Real Hero, A*RUN

We met in the elevator, on our way to the Mumbai Marathon 2015 launch press conference. His elevator pitch was “Hi I am Arun’ emphasizing on A*RUN, running is in my name. I smiled at his sheer guts to introduce himself, as if he belonged to the family of PT Usha.

I was so wrong, classic case of never judge a book by its cover. Not exaggerating, this man has zero body fat, average height, humble dialect, follows a vegetarian diet and an infectious enthusiasm to maintain his ultra-marathon runner title.

 #Life Hack: Marathon belongs to the one who run's for a cause beyond himself.
Arun started running at the age of 31, after the birth of his daughter. She is his motivation to run, he want's his daughter to be proud of him, so simple and true.
 Previous Records – 
Ran from Kargil via Leh Ladakh to Kanyakumari (4100 km) the toughest terrain in 61 days. He candidly mentions, the Military posted on the boarder were worried my lungs will collapse but I kept running, they would get tired cheering for me but I did not stop.
Arun is one of the first internationally acclaimed endurance racers from India. In 2009, he won the 567 km George Archer 6 day race in South Africa.
In December 2010, he ran 186.4 km in 24 hours in Kolkata and thus beat his previous best of running 177 km in 24 hours.
According to Arun what differentiates a marathoner from an ultramarathoner is that they don’t stop. Its all about your mind, and that’s what I do, “I keep telling myself, Bhaago Bhagoo, Bhagte raho”. These are true inspiring stories, Arun Bhardwaj is a symbol of endurance and will power. He fought tumor at the age of 14 and emerged stronger.

This post is a part of the #madeofgreat contest hosted by #indiblogger and #TataMotors. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Real men flaunt a bigger heart than muscles

This post is not about what women expect from a man but about all those men who in their own way want to tell women that they respect us.

I know so many men who are a “True Gentleman” and treat us right. They want to step up and prove all stereotypical judgements are wrong.

#Life Hack: When you make us laugh, you are 100077873987 times more attractive
These men are amongst us, our dad, brothers, spouse, partner, sons, friends and we love them. Not just because they pamper us but also for the assuring smile which says, go kick ass I am right here cheering for you.

Our world is incomplete without you. YES I am an independent woman from 2015 and I accept this without any bias. Happy men make happier women with lots of extra sparkle.

Each one of the girls reading this post has a hero and we love them for being the monkey we hug when things are a mess. They just look at us and say, don’t cry your mascara is smudging. (Code for stop freaking out, we will sort it)

Every time these real men stand with us, support us and wear pink to amuse us….our heart smiles. After all being a gentleman never goes out of fashion.

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