Monday, January 19, 2015

Running is power, redefine yourself

You don't need a pitch, no fancy gear, all you need is the power to FINISH STRONG.

I run when I am sad, tensed, happy, confused, anxious, excited. It’s just my way of finding peace. 
There’s a road in front, you can either look at your goal and adjust your pace or look down and take it step by step. Compete with yourself, take a path that challenges your mind.

#Life Hack: Your reason to run is you, do it for yourself.
Successful runners are tenacious, you have to be determined to reach the finish line.

It’s not about finding who you are, but about creating yourself. Your mind will bargain with the body, your body has to support. Your mind alone will not put you through a tough run but it will guide your body to manage fatigue, hydration, and strength. All the full and half marathoners finishing the race had only one emotion, Pride. 42km or 21km does not define you, but your determination does.
Running is a tough sport in India with no formal financial backing but we need to stand for our athletes. This post won’t make you run faster, it will only make you think that running is worth giving a chance. Get Inspired, by these very humble Mumbai Marathon Indian Elite Athlete winners. 
Men: 1. Karan Singh 2:21:35, 2. Arjun Pradhan 2:22:22, 3. Bahadur Singh Dhoni 2:22:41.
Women: 1. O.P. Jaisha 2:37:29, 2. Lalita Babar 2:38:21, 3. Sudha Singh 2:42:12. 

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