Saturday, January 24, 2015


In 2015, Patriotism is Progressive
#Life Hack: Yes, I am the power, force and courage I wish for India

Yes, I breathe freedom by empowering the ones around me.
Yes, I belong to the generation that believes in 'Live and Let Live'.
Yes, I have my feet planted in our soil but my mind is exploring what the global world has to offer.
Yes, I will not put myself down because of the way you judge me.
Yes, I want to stand for myself.
Yes, I demand a nation where I do not feel unsafe.

This is my tribute to all those freedom fighters who owned #IAMTHECHANGE all through our freedom struggle. Its time we stand together to strengthen and build something our next generation will be proud of.

#IAMTHECHANGE and I pledge, devoting my time and energy towards educating young girls to stand up against personal and social violence. We will fight together.
There will be no Modi'fication ..until you modify yourself.

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