Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bhaag! What? "Gita"

9:00 AM Sunday mornings, most of India tuned into Doordarshan to get visually transported to an epic called Mahabharat*. The echo of “Mein Samay Hoon”(Milkyway), OTT characters, shudh hindi dialogues, Kintu, parantu, bhrataji, matashri,….nostalgia.

#Life Hack: Bhagavad Gita talks to the mind that is still searching, is still in conflict , is still learning and constantly seeking to explore. The interpretation is completely based on your own experiences.
 Ever tried looking up for Bhagavad Gita interpretation on Youtube? The most viewed videos have expats preaching, Bhagavad Gita. The way they pronounce it, is a complete disaster. Sounds something like BHAAG, WHAT? “GITA” isn't this very similar to what we think. “Oh my god that’s not for me!! I am too young, WHAT are you talking about? Its sad we shy away from this ocean of wisdom.
Gita has millions of interpretations and I will never be able to do justice by writing a post on this epic.It is the most dissected and debated scriptures of Hindu mythology. The verses can be symbolically interpreted to find meaning in your own life, you don’t have to read all of it. Watch the shorter versions available online.
For old time's sake, this is how I remember each character
Bhagavad Gita talks to all
The Young – To know how to live
The Old – To know how to die
The Learned – For humility
The Weak – For strength
The Strong – For direction
The Sinner – For warning
The Human – For guidance

All religious scriptures preach the same values. The way they say it, could be different but all insist that peace lies within us. To stay calm within, requires practice of mind and soul. 
We represent Kalyug, the "Age of Downfall", it's the fourth and final era in the spiritual evolution of man. I have very liberal views on religion, but being spiritual is a positive exchange of energy and this Kalyug definitely needs a cheat code for good vibes.

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  1. If you explain the Geeta on your youtube channel, trust me it will go viral :)

  2. Akhil Ranade :)) Should I attempt?? seriously?

  3. Yes. Am serious. You can become a rage on youtube. Fashion tips, travel experiences, food tips, geeta recitals. These are all perfect for a channel. Plus you look and speak great which only makes it better.

  4. :) so much faith in me! thats inspiring.. let me give it a serious thought. Cheers