Monday, June 29, 2015

Warli - Art Attack

Art is never finished, only abandoned.
Leonardo Da Vinci

Art is not just a nice thing to have or do in your free time, it defines our lineage and provides an account of history to the next generation. Warlis is the name of the largest tribe found in western Maharashtra inspite of being in such close proximity to Mumbai, Warlis tribesmen shun all influences of modern urbanisation. 

#Life Hack: As humans, one of our strongest emotion is to empathise. I witnessed the most genuine smiles, hospitality and human spirit in this village. 
I decided to visit the village, for an average Mumbaikar its like a weekend get-away. 
Mumbai — (Train)Thane —(Maharashtra ST Bus)Taluka Bhiwandi —Ambadi Junction — If your bones are still intact after the bumpy ride, you will witness nature at its best. 

These villages do not need urbanisation, they need our support to retain their roots. Warlis belong to the villages. 

Warli is a pictorial language matched by rudimentary technique. The central motif in these ritual paintings is surrounded by scenes portraying hunting, fishing, farming, festivals, animals. In order to sustain they start moving to nearby cities, this is obviously leaving the Warli tradition hollow. If there could be a way to commercialise their art without hurting tradition we can do them good. 
Learning Space Foundation is the vision of Mr. Nitin Orayan, his team is investing phenomenal time and effort to restore the Warli culture
The Warli umbrella(image above) is classic yet quirky, I am sure you won't mind ordering for one. If the artisans have a constant source of income, they will not have to leave their villages in search of a living. They are open to new ideas and challenges, just a little faith could do wonders.

Warli art form has been showcased by international fashion designers and art connoisseurs. All the fashion and lifestyle junkies following 30ish, give a shout to your communities and spread the word.

I love the good that others do, for their activity is an assurance that good stands for itself.
With gratitude and hope.
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

69 shades of Love

We expect so much from love. We expect love to fix every problem staring at us. 

For most of us Love follows a “suicide pace”, if it aint perfect then life comes to a halt. Flowers don’t bloom, sales don’t excite you, rainbow is colorless, Ben & Jerry tastes yuk, every sad song seems like it was written for you.

#Life Hack : Blow a Kiss and Fire a Gun with the same passion.
No doubt it's blissful but love can never be perfect! Don’t question its existence, just go with the flow. Love has no pattern and no logic. All it has is, “shades of madness".

Tip for the Ladies - Dump the gentleman, fall for a tiger. He will see you from a distance, hear you better and chase you 'just right'.  
Tip for the Gentleman - Try being the tiger, and she ain't moving.

My version of love is effortless and intoxicating and I am not changing this shade :D. When Singling's, mingle... fireworks happen. 
Just a thought, love and intimacy are the responsibility of both.

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Australia you are such a BEACH!

If you ask any of your friends, what’s your hobby they will pick a couple of these options- reading, listening to music, dancing, watching TV, travelling, playing cricket. If you ask an Aussie, the same question their reply will be surfing, skate boarding, making gluten free cookies, beach volley ball. That’s the difference between us in the most non controversial way. Everything they enjoy is outdoor.

#Life Hack : A day without the Sun is a waste of soul, if you need some vitamin “SEA” head to Australia.
Australia is a place  where everyone expresses them selves exactly as they feel. I spent lot of time in Sydney, it has almost 100 beaches. Even though it was cold I did make a brave attempt to try surfing and boy it’s a sure adrenaline rush. You HAVE TO TRY SURFING. 
To make life simpler I am going to compare 3 of the most popular beaches in Sydney.

Bondi – I was the most excited to visit Bondi but the first sight was enough to shatter my dreams. ‘Bondi’ I am sorry but you disappointed me. I was all set to buy my Bondi Hoodie and flaunt for the blog cover page but the crowd scared me. It is very busy and very unlike anything you would imagine an Australian beach to be. Think of a beach called “Bindu” in Mumbai, Flash Flash Flash .. thats it, don’t imagine further. The only nice place is a restaurant called Ice berg club, great view and coffee.

Manly Beach – It’s a 45 minute ferry ride from Circular Quay, the whole atmosphere is very calm and relaxed. Manly hosts a surfing for beginners tutorial. You can learn how to surf with a professional instructor and hire the surf suit and board at a very nominal rate. The turquoise water currents are good for a swim. Pick your “Fish and Chips to-go” and chill on the beach, true Aussie style.

Tamarama Beach – This is for the fancy swimmers and sun bathers. Its very down town LA, where you assume every couple belongs to hollywood.  Tamarama is all about  glamorous bikinis, branded sunnies, models, gays, house music and gorgeous waves. Carry you own wine and food, they have very limited options to eat.
Most important tip, before you plan a trip down-under, make sure you are in great shape. Everyone is good looking and super fit. To avoid heart break, run extra, cross train, lift some weights, eat healthy and you are good to scream, "Australia, you are such a BEACH".

My travel photo blog has been awarded the 'Blogger Badge of Honour' by Vir Sanghvi and Blogmint', so excited :D
Wish you sunshine and smiles
xoxo, PhotoblogHER
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