Wednesday, June 10, 2015

69 shades of Love

We expect so much from love. We expect love to fix every problem staring at us. 

For most of us Love follows a “suicide pace”, if it aint perfect then life comes to a halt. Flowers don’t bloom, sales don’t excite you, rainbow is colorless, Ben & Jerry tastes yuk, every sad song seems like it was written for you.

#Life Hack : Blow a Kiss and Fire a Gun with the same passion.
No doubt it's blissful but love can never be perfect! Don’t question its existence, just go with the flow. Love has no pattern and no logic. All it has is, “shades of madness".

Tip for the Ladies - Dump the gentleman, fall for a tiger. He will see you from a distance, hear you better and chase you 'just right'.  
Tip for the Gentleman - Try being the tiger, and she ain't moving.

My version of love is effortless and intoxicating and I am not changing this shade :D. When Singling's, mingle... fireworks happen. 
Just a thought, love and intimacy are the responsibility of both.

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