Monday, June 29, 2015

Warli - Art Attack

Art is never finished, only abandoned.
Leonardo Da Vinci

Art is not just a nice thing to have or do in your free time, it defines our lineage and provides an account of history to the next generation. Warlis is the name of the largest tribe found in western Maharashtra inspite of being in such close proximity to Mumbai, Warlis tribesmen shun all influences of modern urbanisation. 

#Life Hack: As humans, one of our strongest emotion is to empathise. I witnessed the most genuine smiles, hospitality and human spirit in this village. 
I decided to visit the village, for an average Mumbaikar its like a weekend get-away. 
Mumbai — (Train)Thane —(Maharashtra ST Bus)Taluka Bhiwandi —Ambadi Junction — If your bones are still intact after the bumpy ride, you will witness nature at its best. 

These villages do not need urbanisation, they need our support to retain their roots. Warlis belong to the villages. 

Warli is a pictorial language matched by rudimentary technique. The central motif in these ritual paintings is surrounded by scenes portraying hunting, fishing, farming, festivals, animals. In order to sustain they start moving to nearby cities, this is obviously leaving the Warli tradition hollow. If there could be a way to commercialise their art without hurting tradition we can do them good. 
Learning Space Foundation is the vision of Mr. Nitin Orayan, his team is investing phenomenal time and effort to restore the Warli culture
The Warli umbrella(image above) is classic yet quirky, I am sure you won't mind ordering for one. If the artisans have a constant source of income, they will not have to leave their villages in search of a living. They are open to new ideas and challenges, just a little faith could do wonders.

Warli art form has been showcased by international fashion designers and art connoisseurs. All the fashion and lifestyle junkies following 30ish, give a shout to your communities and spread the word.

I love the good that others do, for their activity is an assurance that good stands for itself.
With gratitude and hope.
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  1. Great...very good move of u to Xplored one of the oldest art n highlighting d artisans...BTW..eek aur Umbrella hai kya ??

  2. hahahah Free Umbrella! lol.
    Warli artists need lot of support.. do share, you never know what clicks for them.