Thursday, May 28, 2015

MBA - Master of Bag-pack Administration

To a man, ‘travelling’ is like that hot flirtatious babe who says "do what you like, I love everything about you".
To a woman, ‘travelling’ is the gentleman who looks straight into her eyes and says, "go chase your dreams, I am right here".
What appeals to both the sexes is an unbiased raw energy, exactly what a traveller experiences. 

#Life Hack: “I CAN”, is more important than “IQ”.
I think 20's is too early for us to pick a career and stick to it for life, but most of us anyway follow the norms and go for the kill. Sadly it’s you who’s being killed!

The Real world demands you to be sharp, street smart, easy going and always hungry to learn and grow. No classroom can prepare you for this, but real experiences surely do. 

When you travel alone, even if it’s to Ladakh, you plan everything from scratch, evalate multiple sites, pick the cheapest tickets, explore best deals, network with friends who have travelled to the same place, make an itenary, eat at random places, make friends on the way, learn about their life and culture.

If I could, I would exchange my 2 years of MBA with travelling, I can bet the traveller will have better finance skills, he will give you extra ordinary marketing ideas because he has seen so much and will definitely deal with people much better than any one of us.

Roughly the cost of preparing for these entrace exams and course fees comes to almost 8-10 lakhs (In India).What if some one gave you the same amount to travel for 2 years. Would you be wiser? At 30ish, when you have “been there, done that” does a Master of Bag-pack Administration promise you super powers?

What did my MBA teach me? RACE , do not look around just run. Run for placements, run for promotions, run against time… keep running.

What did travelling teach me? BREATHE, look around you, feel yourself, listen to your surroundings, smile, observe, trust.

In short if you consider this degree on self development, its stocks will only rise as you explore more. I am not saying chuck your job… but even if you do, it’s no big deal. 

As a travel blogger, I have come to a conclusion that the only thing you possess your entire life is yourself. So fly free.  
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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Work Smart @30ish

The first rule of working smart @30ish is to make sure you have spent enough time working hard in your 20'ies. There’s no substitute to hard work, but once you have learnt and absorbed the necessary be brave enough to move on to bigger dreams.

There are 3 primary orientations towards work.
  • Job - Your main focus is financial rewards.
  • Career - You are driven by prestige, power and growth.
  • Calling - Work as your ‘purpose for life’. 
Know what works for you and use that orientation to work smart.
#Life Hack: They call us dreamers, we are the ones who do not sleep.
I have personally spent insane amount of time travelling to work, and having a monotonous desk job. No doubt the security is very important, but there comes a point in life, when you want to drop everything and start working smart and challenge yourself. 
Some of us stick to our jobs , because according to them 30ish is too late to take a risk. A few of us, jump the bridge and scream 30ish still gives me 20-30 years to experiment and live happier. Its all about your perspective.

Read how I talk to myself when things seem difficult
Work smart, work quick. Have more time for family and yourself.
Its not about how much you earn, its about how much you save. Sort your finances.
Invest in experiences, this will give you lot of ideas about smart life hacks.
Learn from others mistakes, will save you effort and time. is a classic case of working smart@30ish. I am using the digital interface to connect brands with their target audience and create love marks. I use my personal experiences of travel, fitness, lifestyle, photography and relationships to write stories that make me a part of your life... (Tight hug to my readers)

If you like what you do, you will find smarter ways to action it. 
Thanks for believing in me and following every post, love 30ish.
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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bling is King, Punjabi Sunburn

I have entered a Punjabi rave party, it will put “Goa Sunburn” to shame. Instead of #Grass you will be fed #cholebhature. Effect is the same, insane energy levels followed by unconsciousness. I naturally repulse everything flashy but what is the option when there’s no escape? 

#Life Hack: The whole wedding scene starts with a ceremony called Roka, it basically is an announcement that the boy and girl have found their soul mates and will look no further for prospects! After a few years of marriage everyone is convinced, Roka was a Dhokha*
A Punjabi wedding will be incomplete without these stalwarts

*Oh I am so young Aunties, they flaunt all the latest brands and the most obnoxious outfits. The pallo (Saree) is going to fall if you dance like Daler Mehendi. It just takes one safety-pin to sort it, but they won't.
*Butterfly youngsters, they have their own underground scene, screw the bride and groom. Let's get into the car park..hmmm.. (ENVY)
*Chakde Phatte, "assi te tussi peyenge whisky type uncles" (You and Me can bond over a drink).They also believe in burping and sleeping in public.
* The Car-O-Bar gang, is very focused on getting everyone happy-high. Secret drinks for the aunties, patiyala pegs for the uncles and vodka shots for the girls

Everyone is super busy, except me. My favourite part is the FOOD! Credit goes to Roshan, Roopak, Bittu, Shera, Haldiram and Pammi. Roshan di Kulfi, Bittu ke chole bhature, Haldiram ki chat and Pammi ke golgappe. I cannot count how many cups of green tea will have to be consumed to wash this out of my system, but as Punjabi’s say “ki farak penda hai”

But when you see a happy and gorgeous bride* all the bling makes sense. I wish the lovely couple a beautiful life. 
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