Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Penguin syndrome: To the moon and back

To feel* (not just read) this post you have to first imagine yourself as the most snooty Miss Penguin chilling on the Antarctica Coast with her friends.

Scene 1: A goofy & handsome Penguin wearing a Tuxedo (they are naturally born with one) waddles to you, looks into your yellow ringed eyes and in his deep voice whispers “Hello Miss, will you be mine”
Scene 2: You turn, scan him top to bottom and suddenly notice his feet.
Scene 3: He is holding a beautiful pebble between his feet. Please note, in Antarctica pebbles are scarce, with only ice around they are as precious as diamonds.
Scene 4: And now, you are thinking of your own “Penguin” moment.

#Life Hack A male penguin hunts for months, hides from friends and finally decides on charming his beloved with the perfect proposal pebble. If she picks it up she is his, if not she is declining his offer, no fuss. ADORABLE
All of us secretly wish for, our Penguin. Some have already found theirs, some are still looking out for one. Love is beautiful, I am not a romantic at heart but there’s something magical about two souls accepting each-other to the moon and back.

Few fun facts about Penguin’s:
  • Emperor penguin males incubate their eggs for two months in the winter without eating while the females are at sea. During that time, they live off their fat reserves.
  • Penguins have an organ above their eye that turns seawater into fresh water
  • Penguins’ eyes work better underwater than they do in the air.
  • 14 out of 18 species of Penguins, stay with the same partner throughout life
  • Penguins are highly social, if away from the group they go into depression and could die
Penguins are very similar to humans yet they seem more in sync with their partner. Their happy feet are worth following, may be it will lead us to that rare pebble.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Did you mean SpEXY?

#Life hack : Woman in a tuxedo is brilliantly intimidating. Half the battle is won when she look's into his eyes and throws an open challenge.

Why do most girls look up to their mothers? Because she is the epitome of love, strength, empathy, courage and a survivor at heart. We have seen them trade off their smile for ours.There is a lesson here, she has also transferred her positive vibe to you.

The feminist in me wants to scream, "I will conquer the world", but deep down I know it will take a lot of me.We are still fighting for our individuality and a world that does not judge a woman.  

We deal with this in our day to day work life. As you go higher in the corporate world, the ratio of male to female in senior positions gets unreal. There seems to be a need to prove ourselves more than them.Companies world over are making an effort to discourage glass ceiling, making progressive policies and keeping a check on the overall organisational behavior. We need to do our bit and not think any less of what we deserve.
 The Geek Screams, take me seriously
  • No means No. Wherever we go whatever we do, please remember this.
  • When you take a break to be a Mom, you come back like a superhero who survived all the pain and glory.
  • You grow the day you learn to laugh at yourself, not everything means something.Sometimes just order a latte and shop online instead of fuming on a moron.
  • You ain't telling me who am I. "I am telling you who I am".
  • If you want a career, pick the right partner.
  • Wave your geek flag high. Wear that bright red dress and if men lose concentration, that’s their problem.
To be fair there a lot of men who believe in us, one step at a time. Till then we women will hold our fort, smile as often and react, "only if required".

Mumbai is my Gangsta state of mind.

  • ·         7:45  AM – Rickshaw to Metro
  • ·         8:00  AM – Metro to Andheri Station
  • ·         8:25  AM – Local train to Churchgate station
  • ·         9: 30 AM – My grand entry into Churchgate Station
  • ·         9:40  AM – Cab to Office
  • ·         10:00 AM- Finally Office

Total Calories Burnt– 600 plus depending on the level of humidity and lechers that burn your blood
Mode of Transport - Everything that exists in Mumbai

And still, I love this city. You know why? Because this city gives me the strength of character that no other place can. I have my “Mumbai, you suck days” but still Mumbai Patao’s me (Mumbai lingo*).

#Life Hack: Mumbai adjusts with everyone for everything.

I spend almost 4 hours commuting from the Suburbs to Town daily, it’s like travelling from one spectrum to another. I go from rags to riches and back within 24 hours.

Sometimes the day starts with my rickshaw screeching next to Hritik Roshan's car casually waving out to his fan at the signal and sometimes it starts with jumping open manholes, dodging street dogs.

Mumbai is built on irony, you will experience the best and the worst within 30 minutes. You will love it and hate it with the same intensity but you will never relive Mumbai in another city. Guarantee!!
Cheap thrills of a Mumbaikar
  • When you enter office and it starts pouring on the next colleague, feels like a gold medal in Asian Games.You out performed the clouds. Mission accomplished.
  • Your Cabby screeches’ through the Red light, you know its risky but don’t stop him because, Mumbai never stops.
  • I LOVE Salman Khan, I watch all his movies, and cheer every time he hosts Big Boss but if I ever stood next to him (hypothetical) I wouldn't even acknowledge him. Its too North Indian you know’.
  • No matter which city I visit in this whole wide world, I talk about Mumbai as the city of dreams. " Oh my god, you haven't been to Mumbai
  • Mumbai’s favorite lingo is "Boss".Applicable everywhere, Boss thoda shift na (Request) Boss kya Karr raha hai (Frustration), Tu toh Boss hai yaar (Appreciation), Baby you are the Boss of my life (Romantic)
  • Beating up a mawali on the road is your kick boxing induction, now you are a certified Ninja girl.
For me, Mumbai is my pulse. Always alive and kicking.