Monday, October 6, 2014

Did you mean SpEXY?

#Life hack : Woman in a tuxedo is brilliantly intimidating. Half the battle is won when she look's into his eyes and throws an open challenge.

Why do most girls look up to their mothers? Because she is the epitome of love, strength, empathy, courage and a survivor at heart. We have seen them trade off their smile for ours.There is a lesson here, she has also transferred her positive vibe to you.

The feminist in me wants to scream, "I will conquer the world", but deep down I know it will take a lot of me.We are still fighting for our individuality and a world that does not judge a woman.  

We deal with this in our day to day work life. As you go higher in the corporate world, the ratio of male to female in senior positions gets unreal. There seems to be a need to prove ourselves more than them.Companies world over are making an effort to discourage glass ceiling, making progressive policies and keeping a check on the overall organisational behavior. We need to do our bit and not think any less of what we deserve.
 The Geek Screams, take me seriously
  • No means No. Wherever we go whatever we do, please remember this.
  • When you take a break to be a Mom, you come back like a superhero who survived all the pain and glory.
  • You grow the day you learn to laugh at yourself, not everything means something.Sometimes just order a latte and shop online instead of fuming on a moron.
  • You ain't telling me who am I. "I am telling you who I am".
  • If you want a career, pick the right partner.
  • Wave your geek flag high. Wear that bright red dress and if men lose concentration, that’s their problem.
To be fair there a lot of men who believe in us, one step at a time. Till then we women will hold our fort, smile as often and react, "only if required".

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