Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Penguin syndrome: To the moon and back

To feel* (not just read) this post you have to first imagine yourself as the most snooty Miss Penguin chilling on the Antarctica Coast with her friends.

Scene 1: A goofy & handsome Penguin wearing a Tuxedo (they are naturally born with one) waddles to you, looks into your yellow ringed eyes and in his deep voice whispers “Hello Miss, will you be mine”
Scene 2: You turn, scan him top to bottom and suddenly notice his feet.
Scene 3: He is holding a beautiful pebble between his feet. Please note, in Antarctica pebbles are scarce, with only ice around they are as precious as diamonds.
Scene 4: And now, you are thinking of your own “Penguin” moment.

#Life Hack A male penguin hunts for months, hides from friends and finally decides on charming his beloved with the perfect proposal pebble. If she picks it up she is his, if not she is declining his offer, no fuss. ADORABLE
All of us secretly wish for, our Penguin. Some have already found theirs, some are still looking out for one. Love is beautiful, I am not a romantic at heart but there’s something magical about two souls accepting each-other to the moon and back.

Few fun facts about Penguin’s:
  • Emperor penguin males incubate their eggs for two months in the winter without eating while the females are at sea. During that time, they live off their fat reserves.
  • Penguins have an organ above their eye that turns seawater into fresh water
  • Penguins’ eyes work better underwater than they do in the air.
  • 14 out of 18 species of Penguins, stay with the same partner throughout life
  • Penguins are highly social, if away from the group they go into depression and could die
Penguins are very similar to humans yet they seem more in sync with their partner. Their happy feet are worth following, may be it will lead us to that rare pebble.

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