Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bling is King, Punjabi Sunburn

I have entered a Punjabi rave party, it will put “Goa Sunburn” to shame. Instead of #Grass you will be fed #cholebhature. Effect is the same, insane energy levels followed by unconsciousness. I naturally repulse everything flashy but what is the option when there’s no escape? 

#Life Hack: The whole wedding scene starts with a ceremony called Roka, it basically is an announcement that the boy and girl have found their soul mates and will look no further for prospects! After a few years of marriage everyone is convinced, Roka was a Dhokha*
A Punjabi wedding will be incomplete without these stalwarts

*Oh I am so young Aunties, they flaunt all the latest brands and the most obnoxious outfits. The pallo (Saree) is going to fall if you dance like Daler Mehendi. It just takes one safety-pin to sort it, but they won't.
*Butterfly youngsters, they have their own underground scene, screw the bride and groom. Let's get into the car park..hmmm.. (ENVY)
*Chakde Phatte, "assi te tussi peyenge whisky type uncles" (You and Me can bond over a drink).They also believe in burping and sleeping in public.
* The Car-O-Bar gang, is very focused on getting everyone happy-high. Secret drinks for the aunties, patiyala pegs for the uncles and vodka shots for the girls

Everyone is super busy, except me. My favourite part is the FOOD! Credit goes to Roshan, Roopak, Bittu, Shera, Haldiram and Pammi. Roshan di Kulfi, Bittu ke chole bhature, Haldiram ki chat and Pammi ke golgappe. I cannot count how many cups of green tea will have to be consumed to wash this out of my system, but as Punjabi’s say “ki farak penda hai”

But when you see a happy and gorgeous bride* all the bling makes sense. I wish the lovely couple a beautiful life. 
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    1. Saurabh, I am sure you have experienced loads of Punjabi Sunburn:) Good to hear from you..