Thursday, February 5, 2015

Peaceful Alienation*

Your personality is an average of 5 people you spend your day with – Jim Rohn
This could be a combination of family and colleagues, or friends and family. Their characteristics and thought process will rub off on the way you deal with situations.

#Life Hack: If you have to force, it’s not worth it. Applies to friendships, ponytails and hugs. 

A school and college reunion sounds exciting but most of them feel awkward because people have hopefully moved on to something better. We need to connect with friends in an authentic way, if not then its a waste.
A friend of mine yelled at me in a heated argument “I know you since 10 years, and you have changed so much” Ideally I should have got angry and yelled back. Instead I thought to myself THANKGOD, because if I was still the same person then that’s a criminal waste of life.

Conversations drive thoughts, if your discussions are mediocre it will reflect on your choices. If the person doesn’t feed my imagination I lose interest. Your friends need to positively add to your existence.

I am not saying be mean to friends.You can never do that, because they are part of you and your metamorphosis. So I have thought of this very cool concept (at least in my brain) Peaceful Alienation* I love you, but we belong to different zones, where different situations excite us. I will stand for you, without being overbearing. Human relations are precious especially if they are formed in childhood. They have to be nurtured and loved, hence its best to find an emotional line of control.

PS- I love all my friends 1995---2005---2015..and beyond 

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