Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mumbai Marathon: Real Hero, A*RUN

We met in the elevator, on our way to the Mumbai Marathon 2015 launch press conference. His elevator pitch was “Hi I am Arun’ emphasizing on A*RUN, running is in my name. I smiled at his sheer guts to introduce himself, as if he belonged to the family of PT Usha.

I was so wrong, classic case of never judge a book by its cover. Not exaggerating, this man has zero body fat, average height, humble dialect, follows a vegetarian diet and an infectious enthusiasm to maintain his ultra-marathon runner title.

 #Life Hack: Marathon belongs to the one who run's for a cause beyond himself.
Arun started running at the age of 31, after the birth of his daughter. She is his motivation to run, he want's his daughter to be proud of him, so simple and true.
 Previous Records – 
Ran from Kargil via Leh Ladakh to Kanyakumari (4100 km) the toughest terrain in 61 days. He candidly mentions, the Military posted on the boarder were worried my lungs will collapse but I kept running, they would get tired cheering for me but I did not stop.
Arun is one of the first internationally acclaimed endurance racers from India. In 2009, he won the 567 km George Archer 6 day race in South Africa.
In December 2010, he ran 186.4 km in 24 hours in Kolkata and thus beat his previous best of running 177 km in 24 hours.
According to Arun what differentiates a marathoner from an ultramarathoner is that they don’t stop. Its all about your mind, and that’s what I do, “I keep telling myself, Bhaago Bhagoo, Bhagte raho”. These are true inspiring stories, Arun Bhardwaj is a symbol of endurance and will power. He fought tumor at the age of 14 and emerged stronger.

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