Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Real men flaunt a bigger heart than muscles

This post is not about what women expect from a man but about all those men who in their own way want to tell women that they respect us.

I know so many men who are a “True Gentleman” and treat us right. They want to step up and prove all stereotypical judgements are wrong.

#Life Hack: When you make us laugh, you are 100077873987 times more attractive
These men are amongst us, our dad, brothers, spouse, partner, sons, friends and we love them. Not just because they pamper us but also for the assuring smile which says, go kick ass I am right here cheering for you.

Our world is incomplete without you. YES I am an independent woman from 2015 and I accept this without any bias. Happy men make happier women with lots of extra sparkle.

Each one of the girls reading this post has a hero and we love them for being the monkey we hug when things are a mess. They just look at us and say, don’t cry your mascara is smudging. (Code for stop freaking out, we will sort it)

Every time these real men stand with us, support us and wear pink to amuse us….our heart smiles. After all being a gentleman never goes out of fashion.

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