Monday, December 29, 2014

#2015 Fitter

Fitter 2015# will be the most common New Year resolution.

Most of us believe that we have out grown the “new year resolution scene”, but secretly we set goals for ourselves. Eating clean and staying fit is one of them. An unhealthy lifestyle kicks you harder with age and that’s when it tops the New Year resolution chart.
Everyone has days when your track pants read Juicy Couture BUT* your ass screams Dunkin Donuts. 
#Life Hack: Dear tummy you aren't empty, you are just bored. Learn the difference.
There are two kinds of people, first category who wants to get fit and the second one that gets fit no matter what. It’s all about your motivation, if you associate it with something positive you will kill it. But if it’s associated with pain, boredom and TASK then trust me donuts are your only escape.

Make exercise a part of your routine like brushing your teeth and drinking tea. So your brain is trained not to attach any emotion to it and just roll with the flow, this trick works for me.

There is a fundamental mistake that people make, fit is not skinny, fit is strong. Do this for yourself. Your body is the only thing that sticks with you during bad relationships, crazy lifestyles, tough economies and unhappy moments. Start investing in yourself.

I respect the bulky boy running, I respect the underweight girl building strength by lifting weights, I respect the 50 yrs old staying healthy. Every time your workout makes you proud, you will respect yourself more.
Stick to this resolution forever.

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