Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Exchange #hugs this Christmas

It's priceless to be the reason for someone's smile.

I am hard core North Indian and we don't believe that an Xmas tree can make us happy.. its about the entire Khet* (Field -Sarson ka khet, Gobi ka khet OTT North Indian absurdity) this is what my dad told me at the age 10. 
I think what he really meant was to have a big heart and spread happiness.

#Life Hack: I believe in squeeze you, can't breathe without you hugs..they are the warmest
If you are working on 24th Dec you definitely need a tight hug and a slice of choco devil cake, but the question is whom do I share it with. I don't know these kids but hugs work, it’s your passport to someone’s heart, so that’s what we did. A tiny miny sparkle moment for all of us, besides the fact that they called me "Santa didi".

Love is when you stop opening gifts for a second and breathe the air in that room…

Hug someone the moment you finish reading this post. I assure, you will have a Big Smile and that will beat all your secret santa gifts.

Merry Christmas

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