Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What does an Indian feel about the Peshawar attack

This is how you poison an entire generation

A generation that is yet to form an opinion
A generation that could have been unbiased
A generation that preferred peace over violence

#Life Hack : Mumbai, Paris or Peshawar, no child belongs to someone else.

A old rescued student with teary eyes looks straight into the camera and screams, “I want to grow up and finish Taliban” his emotional turmoil and a strong emotion of revenge is exactly what the terrorist wanted. Strangely they have managed to propagate animosity yet again.

I am an average Indian, using public transport, moving around in the most crowded areas I know anything could happen, one blast and it’s all over. That fear can grip the brightest of minds, innocent children will never forget the image of their friends and teachers being shot on the pretext of religion.

The Indian in me wants to reach out to the students and hope their fear does not mature into hatred. It’s not about Pakistan, Taliban, Paris, London or Hindustan, it’s about the cascading effect such gruesome attacks leave on our faith in humanity.

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