Monday, July 13, 2015

'Take Light', Hyderabad style

I visited Hyderabad like a first timer on my 20th trip.  This time the only difference was that I followed their life motto ,“Light Le Re”. Everytime there was panic and delay, a random person walked up to me and said “kuch nahi hoga re, light tisco”. 

#Life Hack : No matter how old you are, they will call you Amma or Pottie (chick), can't decide which one is worse! Girls please take it light :D 
I was in Hyderabad for a photography assignment and what took me by surprise was their fascination for Wall Art. A husband-wife team of Vijaya and Swathi use graffiti as an expression of art. They love to showcase Hyderabad’s cultural vibe through these paintings. Vibrant colors in true Hyderabadi style gives you a feel of downtown LA. Please include this in your next itinerary.
Another unbelievable phenomena of this city is their love for Telegu Soup’er Stars. I experienced this, thanks of the release of a recent blockbuster. Tollywood fans dance, burst crackers outside the theatre and watch the same movie 3-5 times. If you ever wish to experience stardom then head to Hyderabad. An average Mumbaikar can pass off as an upcoming movie star, they are quite liberal about their beauty standards.
They experienced more bandh's than working days in the last couple of years, thanks to the political confusion but there's something very Nawabi about the locals. Stress is not what happens to them, its their response that takes them to another level. #HyderabadSWAG
PhotoblogHER went all out on street photography. 
Hyderabad has to be relished, like their Biryani. It belongs to the young at heart old timers, if you know what I mean.
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