Thursday, December 11, 2014

When Mumbai decides to make us smile

One belongs to Mumbai instantly, as much in a week as in a year.
There are times when Mumbai reminds you of "Bombay", the old charm of the city makes you want to hold it tighter and relive that emotion.

#Life Hack :Mumbai ek dum danger place, where you survive if you got the pace … Bollywood(where dreams and dreamers win)

Sometimes, in the middle of all the noise and crowd Mumbai decides to play a little peek a boo and make us smile. All Mumbai wants, is to share an imaginary cutting chai* and marvel at its raw energy.
Mumbai made me smile when it decided to dress in sparkling lights

Mumbai made me smile when this cat decided to indulge in some retail therapy in the busy Crawford market. No one disturbed her, we quietly shopped while she relaxed on the counter.

Mumbai made me smile when out of no context, these school kids agreed to pose for this picture

Mumbai made me smile when I could buy world’s best publication for 1/10th the cost .There are piles of books and treasure of wisdom waiting to be explored

Mumbai made me smile when the view got hazy because of raindrops

Mumbai made me smile when the aroma of its street food made me want to chuck all fancy restaurants and binge on the desi version of the Italian pizza

Mumbai makes me smile for reasons that are no big deal, but I love them because its between Mumbai and me…its our vibe.

PS: All these images were clicked randomly, but when put together make an interesting perspective.

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