Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Darling, even leaves FALL for you!

For a typical Mumbaikar, there’s nothing called, “seasons”. We wear the same clothes whole year round except rains, when we swim in our speedo’s to work. So when I landed in Boston and was greeted by the first orange fall of my life it was magical.
Boston’s reputation as a walking city relies on the fact that you can reach any place within 30-40 minutes. Autumn adds a different flavour to the vibe of the place. Every leaf is the color of a flower and you automatically slide into peace.
It’s a poetic experience, everyone and everything seems to be in harmony.

Life Hack # FALLing in love should be like Polaroid, Instant!
Running in the Boston chill is a treat for your senses. As if you are running through a canvas of red yellow orange and never wanting to stop. Highly recommended for every nature lover and crazy runner.

Boston also gave me my first Halloween, I saw pumpkins everywhere. This changed my definition of “Kuddddo” it was no more the vegetable every kid avoids in India. Different cultures have different interpretations, this is a classic example. Apparently more than twice as many chocolates are sold for Halloween than Valentine's day. 
Walk around Boston and discover
·         Boston Common was America's first public park, deemed so in 1634. It’s the best place to take your fall’ pictures. You will find lot of artists just dreaming, writing, sketching, painting.
·         You can visit Harvard, and walk around in the University area. A must experience for a book worm like me. They have open class rooms, gardens, goofy students resembling Mark Zuckerberg. You feel like quitting everything, breaking all your fixed deposits and joining Harvard, at least I did.
·         Boston is full of open libraries, it has no roof, no billing counters. Pick what you want to read and return when done.
·         The Boston suburb of Quincy is home to the first Dunkin Donuts (located on Hancock Street). You owe yourself a big American breakfast.
There’s a saying, every time you fall* pick something. I picked orange and yellow memories. 

PS : This post is a throwback from my travel last year. Obviously I did not fly from China to Boston.. although I would love to

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