Thursday, September 24, 2015

Date your Glorious Mistakes - Life of a blogger

Today is my 100th day as an entrepreneur. #BetOnYourself
Thank you for the surprise feature @SocialSamosa #WIN15
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Now that I have the very overwhelming title of being the “Founder of 30ishblogging and PhotoblogHER” Its a struggle to match the hyped digital persona. Not easy, you make glorious mistakes before it seems right (to others).When someone says Entre-Pre-Neur, it actually means 'enter at your own risk'. 

As part of my business strategy, I meet high profile digital consultants who shred every bit of brand 30ish. These meetings leave me feeling like a neon bulb who’s mistakes are visible like dinosaurs. Trust me it takes 24hours to recover from such panic moments.

Life Hack: You had a purpose before they had an opinion, stick to it. 

Thanks for trying to kill my vibe but over time I have become very possessive about my mistakes. They are my true treasure. As long as I am making mistakes, I am growing. 

Ever tried dating your mistakes? It's a safer option than taking them too seriously.
Dating is when you are in the early stage of your relationship, where you meet and know each other better. More like a prelude to being a fully fledged couple, without any serious hang ups. Similarly I prefer dating my mistakes, evaluate pros and cons. I want to know the beast, few mistakes are discovery to your next step, some are purely waste of effort. So take a call and move on.
When the time is right, your mistakes are taken as jokes. Other way round and your jokes are labelled as mistakes. So I guess, there's no right or wrong to this. 
Step One - Date mistakes
Step Two - Accept
Step Three - Learn 
Step Four - Laugh and Forget
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  1. Congratulations on your completing 100 days as an entrepreneur!
    Dating your mistakes is the perfect recipe for success!

    1. Thanks for connecting @magiceye :) Thats the only way to survive for an entrepreneur

  2. Congratulations on 100 days or super fun and being urself....Hi 5 to dis topic n how ur trying to put any mistakes into perspective...n best is to stand by them n grow...i wont call them mistakes butt learnings n Xperiences wic makes one grow n stronger n ever ready to any form / style / route ones life takes...

    Cheers to you n keep rockyn...n like i alwyz say n follow..Just B urself !!

    1. @79Whacky.. be yourself and build yourself.. Thanks for always supporting 30ish, its been an exciting journey so far... cheers