Wednesday, October 7, 2015

30ish on YouTube - Oh My Vlog!

We are very protective about the commitment we make to ourselves. 30ish getting on YouTube is a promise I made to myself. Growth is the only option I have.

#LifeHack: Mumbai gives me strength of character, its a reflection of my choices in life. Every city has a word that perfectly defines it, the word for Mumbai is Alive! 30ish getting on Youtube is my most gangster move :D 
My one man army!
Thanks Studio Unplugged for making me sound better than Taylor Swift :D

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How did we shoot? I am going to call this section “Shooting, Not Allowed Madame”.
Me : Sir (Cop/Pandu), I want to record a 2 minute footage (Marine Drive)
Cop: Director Kaun? - Me
Cop: Heroin Kaun? Me
Cop: Producer Kaun? - Me (disbelief)
Cop:"Madame, Shooting NAUGHT (not) Allowed". I faced this at every location.
There is a war tactic called guerrilla warfare, where you fight with everything and anything. Face the bullet with a stone, because thats what you have. The locations covered during the shoot are highly guarded, super crowded, imagine how chaotic the shoot must be. I do not have the backing of ‘travel and living’, yet! (someday I wish to) no assistant directors, editors or high tech crew, just an insane desire to take the blog to the next level. #BetOnYourself
Technique of shooting : Hidden cameras, candid shots, natural lighting, no makeup, nothing glossy, Mumbai portrayed in its complete rawness. I wished to look glamorous but every time the cop took a break from his duty, the choice was between the 'perfect look and the perfect shot'.
The purpose of this city is to be the light and its vibe absolutely ELECTRIC. Mumbai is infinite that’s what I wish for 30ish. All my readers are a part of this journey, my only gratification is your love so replace your silent smiles with loud whistles and noisy high fives :)
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  1. Pooji thus is so cool... reminds me of the song "ae dil hai mushkil jeena waha, zara hat kai zara Bach kai,Yeh hai MUMBAI MERA JAAN".. HAHAHA.. loved the vlog..

  2. Thanks :D Mumbai is worth all the madness. You will receive your #DoodleCollection merchandise very soon :D Thanks for participating. Drop an email at with your postal address. Explore the #JoyOfWriting ..cheers

  3. Good stuff.. bindas bambaiyya!!

    1. Thanks Vish :) Bindas is the right word for every Mumbaikar

  4. Pooja, congrats my dear. Good to see you growing. For me, Mumbai represents Fun, Creativity and Energy and summing all this in its "Never Give Up" attitude. Well, in Mumbai life never stops for anyone/anything but it gives opportunities to pull yourself up every time you fall.

    1. Vishnupriya I can feel your love for our city :D. We are never giving up!!
      Thank you for your wishes, hope to take 30ish to the next level.

  5. Hi! I don't know Contest is over or not because I could not find any last date.
    Here's what Mumbai is to me in three words, "Paradise For Dreamers"

    1. The Contest is still valid :) Such a beautiful explanation..Dreamers always win. 30ish will get back, pls email us your address

    2. Thank you so much! 😊 Just sending my details. #HappyMe

    3. Super :) Do share the Vlog with your friends