Thursday, October 15, 2015

Itch to Switch @30ish

Our story has a voice, published in #LivingLocal, Lifestyle. 

Changing your profession at the peak of your career? How do you deal with the ultimate debate of heart V/S mind. The toughest hurdle for anyone chasing their passion is the fact that they have to get over themselves! Get over the notion of a perfect life, perfect job, and the perfect time to get started.

The first step before you give in to your ‘Itch to Switch’ would be to recognise what is your orientation to work. It will roughly be within the boundary of one of the following:

    •       Job - Your main focus is financial rewards.
    •       Career - You are driven by prestige, power and growth.
    •       Calling - Work is your ‘purpose for life’. 

#Life Hack: Not easy, but its definitely going to be worth it.
No one can give you the right advice, because they will never be you*. Your aspirations and dreams will be questioned by everyone, including yourself. I can best explain this through my own story.
30ish is a personal journey of quitting a fancy corporate job after almost a decade and starting my own blog. When you see someone else going through the same turmoil, you tend to flow with their energy. 30ish is my positive attempt to inspire my readers to ‘Bet On Themselves. 
Your gut will challenge every thing you planned for your future. Some of us stick to our jobs , because according to them 30ish is too late to take a risk. A few of us, jump the bridge and scream 30ish still gives me 20-30 years to experiment and live happier. Its all about your perspective.
Be an entrepreneur if you are willing to feel uncomfortable and evolve continuously. Your life will always be LOADING. Everyone has an inner guidance system. Trust more, fear less. 

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