Tuesday, August 25, 2015

#WhatWomenWant - RE'LOVEUTION Vlog

It's ironic, as India approaches 69th year of its Independence, our government decides to ban porn (failed attempt). Next, they might ban DilDo.. I meant Dil Do (Love)**

30ish was challenged by India’s most renowned Mind Reader for a social experiment on decoding #WhatWomenWant. His conviction was freaking my blogger super powers, so challenge ACCEPTED!
Mind Reading is a talent developed over years of practice, its balanced on intuition and strong connect with the audience. Not that I doubt his skill, but a man’s understanding of a woman is different from what she thinks of herself. #Naturesjokeonmankind. 

#Life Hack: Women crave deep emotional intimacy, this social experiment wasn’t about condoms. All the women who took the challenge were spontaneous and free spirited. #WhatWomenWant is to be given a choice, in and out of bed. 
Fun Facts, to involve you in our madness.
  • Pre Shoot - 3 weeks of hustling
  • Number of Women contacted - 40
  • Number of B & C grade actresses approached -15 (we can't afford an Aliya Bhatt or Irfan Khan)
  • Number of Women who agreed to be candid -7 (An impressive profile - students, doctor, blogger, trainer, lawyer)
  • Main Prop - Condoms, just to freak them.
  • Standard Excuse - ‘It’s too bold and dangerous'. Sweetheart you judged yourself, before anyone else could, we are not talking about missiles
  • Why 30ish - Pumping soul into individual brands is what excites 30ish. 70% of my readers are women, the rest 30% are very progressive men so the blog is facilitating reach and RELOVEUTION. Being feminine is an emotional stimulation, we got to own it. 
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This marks 30ish's debut on YouTube. I had the choice between giving you hairstyling tips & #WhatWomenWant as my first Vlog, I chose this.. **AmBitchious 

Sex seems more glamorous in movies and novels, the real deal breaker is how you keep it alive. Pay attention to her. Check the Video to know what happens when a Mind Reader decodes your most intimate choice The video was previewed by 50 women before uploading it on You Tube, we hope to break the internet :D.  Don't miss the end, that's where the magic unfolds.

MR has pulled off some phenomenal social stunts, catch a glimpse of his YouTube channel. Not to forget he changed his profession @30ish, one more reason for me to profile him. When a man is raised by strong women it show’s in his choices. This is probably why he picks on such edgy discussion points. 

He has also worked closely with the Safety of Women Department to promote their helpline 103. Making 103 women walk on glass, not one hurt, they achieved this by the power of their mind. 
It’s very convenient to be a corporate performer with more than 150 high profile shows, but a restless entrepreneur is a beast. I like to work with unconventional talent, they know how to 'raise the bar'.
Team Work makes the Dream Work - Bang Gae 
Concept and Skill Check - Mohit Rao
Sanity Check - Gauri Rao
DOP and Edit Check - Mrunal Shah
Promise to put my Best Vlog Forward! Tell us what you think, leave a comment. With lot of excitement and butterflies, 30ish gets BOLD.
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  1. I absolutely loved it love and be's everything :)

  2. I absolutely loved it love and be's everything :)

    1. Thanks Swarnali.. Its edgy..I know.. but you caught the right emotion :D #WhatWomenWant is to be given a choice.

  3. Bold and Beautiful! I want to thank and congratulate all the women who participated. You all are the face of progressive India!

    1. Rishi Dave thanks for standing up for us :D We need to reach out to more readers.. do share the video on FB and retweet our #WhatWomenWant Its crazy fun ..on a serious note, Cheers to a liberated mind set.

  4. I am super duper proud of you .. It's an amazing bold video ..
    And so perfectly put ..
    Great going
    You will rock it Poo

    1. Akshita.. I am so glad you like #30ishgetsBOLD.. keep reading and Share!! I need lot of bold women backing this video..

  5. She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear . She is the women of today and will make the change... And together with her we will be powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description

  6. Ok so "WHAT WOMEN WANT", I always wondered why is this such a big deal question. I mean women want what every other human being wants,what any man wants. Why should t it be any different than that. She wants respect,chivalry,equality,LOVE. It's simple.Apparently Sigmund fraud once said the answer to this question,he learnt in 52 years is that women want men to stop asking such stupid questions.. hahahhaha... He is right... you don't need a mind reader to figure us out.. I know many men out there are doing a good job at knowing there women,and for those who havent yet figured it out hope this blog helps them pooji :) . This is a bold and beautiful vlog pooji.. glad u choose this topic.. loved it.. keep up the good work.