Friday, August 14, 2015

Intellectual Freedom, I am the change - Living Local

This article has been published in Living Local, August 2015 Issue

Patriotism in 2015, expects us to lay the foundation of Intellectual Freedom for generations to come. India is striding towards a positive society, according to market trend studies India’s strength is our youth. Ever thought, what makes them so powerful? They are progressive.

#Life Hack: If each one of us accepts the challenge of progress being a personal responsibility then our nation will never have to look back. 
Earlier parents influenced our career choices, now they trust our decision. This generation is not waiting to join MNC’s, they dream about start-ups and building their future. They want to be entrepreneurs, and redefine their boundaries.

30ish is a cusp age group, You are well aware about the expectations of the previous generation, and still in sync with Gen-Y. This makes us more powerful and capable to drive change. Match this to a situation 100 years back, when our freedom fighters took the ownership of fighting for their rights. They did not wait for political leaders to take a step, instead formed power groups and chased every opportunity to stand for the pride of our motherland. A century back, they screamed “I am the change” now its our responsibility to own their legacy.  Endorse ‘I am the change’.
We have the capability and strength, there will be no modi-fication, unless you modify yourself. Collaborate and grow, there is so much talent around us, the first step could be to support each other. The virtual world gives us the liberty of time and space, believe in people.
Its not about big promises, but small steps in the right direction. Our Yuva* has the potential to take India to the next level, all we need to do is channelise their energy. 

Respect your individuality, its precious.
Jai Hind, 30ish
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