Friday, November 13, 2015

30ish & MARD

This post has been published in our column "On the 30ish Slope" in #LivingLocal, November Issue. It is also a tribute to #NoShaveNovember where men worldwide are doing their bit by embracing their hair.(cancer patients suffer hair loss during treatment),they will be donating the money typically spent on grooming to support cancer treatment. 30ish is giving men the benefit of doubt, and hoping this is not a lazy excuse to not shave!

Couple of decades back, a typical “MARD” was someone very macho. A strong man who fought goons to protect his damsel in distress. This generation cheered every time Amitabh Bachchan screamed,‘Mard ko dard nahi hota”.The definition has gone through various iterations, MARD in 2015 is a progressive man who cheers for his woman every time she wins, shares responsibility, isn't conscious  about being sensitive and stands with her through tough decisions.

#Life Hack: Real MARD will flaunt a bigger heart than muscles. 
This post is not about what women expect from men but about all those men, who in their own way want to tell women that they respect us. I know so many men who are a “True Gentleman” and treat us right. My blog is perceived as being feminine but its surprising that 50% of the readers are men who feel as strongly about issues affecting women.

These men are amongst us, our dad, brothers, spouse, partner, sons, friends and we love them. Men and women think differently but we balance each other, thats the beauty of relationships. As a social influencer, I suggest when you make us laugh, we find you 100077873987 times more attractive. Yes, I am an independent woman of the new millennium and I accept this without any bias, happy men make happier women.

Every time these real men stand with us, support us and wear pink to amuse us, our heart smile’s. After all being a gentleman never goes out of fashion.
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  1. Hey Pooja your post are really catchy...Men will be Men...
    But giving respect to a woman is no 2 ways....for Gentlemen....
    Have a great week & weekend ahead..
    All the best for '30ish & Mard'

  2. I am glad you connected with the post :) Thanks for your good wishes.

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