Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gold Rush - Amritsar

Most frequently asked question - How do you fund your travel?
Me - My ‘To Be’ but now ‘X ’ Louis Vuitton
The logic is simple I invest in experiences and not things, its much more comforting.

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Sasriyakaal Punjab! Our next pit stop is the land of “Khet”, endless fields.
Life Hack: Amritsar is known for Parathas, Patiyala pegs (everything large*, especially whiskey) and Patolas (attractive women). 
Sprinkled with history this city is an absolute colour burst and a foodies paradise. If you ask for black tea, they are convinced that you are unwell. “No Doodh”, is tragic. 
Welcome to Golden Temple through the eyes of miss sunshine - She will insist you have the halwa (dipped in pure ghee, tastes divine) and is quite diligent with her duty (Sewa), one cannot escape her enthusiastic strides. Everyone serving (age 4 onwards) at the Golden Temple is doing it out of faith in humanity. 

No one checked my bag, I wasn't asked to leave my cell phone and camera in a locker, no one tried selling me flowers and offerings, no VIP queues.
The Langar / Free Kitchen at the Golden Temple is worlds largest community kitchen serving upto 1,00,000 visitors every day. Their faith encourages them to dismantle social barrier and insists that everyone eats, cooks and serves food together irrespective of gender and caste.
The way you choose to absorb a new place is totally your imagination, everyone visiting Amritsar makes a customary visit to the Golden Temple, I stepped in as a tourist and returned with gold, which for me is a feeling of being blessed by simplicity. 
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