Friday, November 27, 2015


Wanna'preneur is a syndrome that makes you believe that being an entrepreneur is going to solve all your problems.
Life Hack: No one can fire you… you can’t quit either.
Reality Check
Lets get it straight, every entrepreneur has his “I do not wannapreneur days” they are almost equal to the actual number of days you spend being happy about your kick (your own) ass move. 

Stuff like Aamir Khan’s opinion on 'intolerance', and Modi’s global tours makes no difference to your life. You are beyond social trolls.

Self doubt is going to be your new hobby, it's just the way it is.

A good sense of humor is going to add balance to your emotional turmoil. It won't make you happy but stronger. (most imp tip)

Super Power Dismantled
You will grow as a person, and find capacity that didn’t know was possible. Every time someone puts you down you will find more energy to bounce back. Every knock gets you more stubborn about your goal. Its a space that will test every inch of your persistence. Bend, but do not break (no pun intended)
CAUTION: Not for the weak heart. 
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