Sunday, December 6, 2015

WIfeFI Connecting

We are discussing the transformation stage. This post is not going to glorify the ladies, neither is it going to bash the men. It's just me, tickling the lighter side because every good relationship has one. 

Life Hack (Peacock version): There’s no IDEA that can change your wife, so stop being a pirate and just settle down.

We asked the ladies their version of this transformation. Top 2 concerns.
What happened to the romance?
I thought, it was going to be exciting

Gentlemen’s club
I am “NUTS” about you, this is romantic!
You are my 'butter half', this is exciting errrr..

Not a relationship expert, every couple has their own dynamics. A good laugh will just make you great friends that’s what matters, right? Every human love's differently, if we accept this then WIfeFI will be as exciting as free WIFI.
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