Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Beauty is fearless, not flawless #Vlog

I wrote the worst essays in school, mixing all the optional topics and making one story out of it was my kick. My Mother, Summer Vacations and If I was the Prime Minister for a day, were all a part of the same narrative.This is precisely my writing style till date, I like connecting dots.

There’s no logic, no business model, no strategy to my work, but I build it from the most authentic part of my soul .The only P* that works for an entrepreneur is Persistence. No blogger can exist in isolation, you are a part of every step forward.

Life Hack: To understand digital, you have to live digital. 
Indian blogging is a billion dollar industry when combined with e-commerce. The success of any blog is measured in terms of the number of high profile brands they showcase, but what if someone refuses to be perfect?

There are at least 100 failures behind every glorified step. Living like a nomad has given me the courage to exist without inhibitions because real beauty is fearless, not flawless.
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