Monday, December 14, 2015

Eleutheromania- What's your travel personality?

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Eleutheromania is an extreme desire for freedom. It is a state of mind when you experience yourself without any filters or judgment.
When I was asked, what’s your life goal? I only thought of a huge globe with travel stories. If you were not afraid of anything, where would you want to go? The answer is the key to your eleutheromania.
Life Hack: Invest in experiences and not things, it is much more comforting.
Every traveler has a unique personality. Observing fellow travellers is lot of fun; you can peep into their lives by just noticing their mannerisms. Each one has a different story, a different destination, and my wanderlust keeps pushing me to dig deeper.
Read my version of your travel personality based on your packing style.
The OverPacker – Believes in options
What if I go horse riding? What if I have to go for 3 fancy dinners? What if I plan to go running? They are constantly making hypothetical situations and end up packing almost their entire wardrobe.
The BackPacker – Always has a contingency plan 
They pack everything rolled neatly. No matter what the situation is, they always have a knife, scarf, rope, band-aids to sort it. I completely envy their precision.
Go Empty BagPacker – No hang-ups, go with the flow
This special breed believes in shopping at the destination. Just carry basics, wear the heavy jackets and boots on the flight, and shop without any stress.
The HackPacker – Geek chic who has an answer to everything
Their suitcases are like an engineering assignment, where each item has its own place. They have mastered the art of reading and applying every packing trick online. You have to be a genius to travel lighter than them.
As a travel blogger, I would easily tradeoff expensive labels for a trip worth remembering, because travelling has taught me how to live fearlessly and love with all my heart. Trust your eleutheromania; it could lead you to the greatest joy you ever experienced.
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