Friday, September 12, 2014

Age doesn't just begin at 30, it begins to show

I have been working out since a decade and it’s the most liberating and peaceful “me time”. Everyone needs some motivation to stay fit. Yours could be crop tops, low jeans, winks, smirks, short shorts, whistles, insecure girlfriends, being calm, gymstagrams, anger, or the last movie you watched. Whatever the reason just tie those shoelaces and start chasing your goal.

30ish is a slippery slope. You tend to go easy on yourself and sometimes let go. You are probably concentrating on your career or planning a family but at times it’s important to listen to your body and bracket some time for its well being.

#Life Hack: Age shows in ways you don't realise. Eat-Sleep-Workout accordingly.

Pick something you like, and one step at a time start building on your mental and physical commitment towards a healthier lifestyle.
Mission -AK 36-26-36, girls this is for you.
  • Girl sweating on the treadmill is hotter to the one pouting on the dance floor.
  • Eat whatever makes you happy then think of the actress who gets you the most jealous.Your next meal will automatically shrink.
  • Lose weight not your charm! size zero is a myth, be curvy and happy.
  • Set goals and kick em …REPEAT.
Everyone is very conscious about their health which is a good sign, as long as you are self-motivated it will work. You don’t have to workout for hours, a focused 30 minutes session is good enough.

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