Monday, September 15, 2014

Social Charm

Dance like no one’s watching, because they are not. They are probably updating their latest selfie.

Selfie humor
Mirror: You look cute today
Smart phone: Nah.. I doubt
Instagram Filter: “I got you love, try Valencia ".

We have moved on from being socially active to social addicts. The definition of acceptance is defined by the number of likes, tweets, hashtags, shares, followers and voyeurs.

# Life Hack:  For every good selfie there are at least 17 failed selfie's. Try it .
Our generation was on the cusp of social change. The generation behind us is barely able to keep up with this syndrome and is very apprehensive about being out there. On the contrary the generation after us is completely in sync with the phenomena and has no issues feeding their alter ego by being a social beast.

Gen Y characteristics
Gen Y : I Prefer Whatsapp over phone calls
Gen Y : Bro’ Facebook is so 2013
Gen Y : I work from home and make more money than you .
 I believe in being an entrepreneur
Gen Y : You don't look like a 200 likes* person in real
Gen Y : I can’t handle her emotional stress so broke-up on Snapchat

To be on top of the social game, a few tips
Emotional Intelligence – Connect with the other person, understand the fact that their       personality is a combination of what they are and what they want to be. Read their vibe
Personal branding – Social Media is one of the best tools to brand yourself, use it wisely
Empathy – Understand life from his perspective, don’t be judgmental. Observe don’t comment
Be visible – Your social quotient is affected by the way you choose to be viewed. Shy and timid or fearless, your picture says it all. Be very cautious about your social stamp
Selfie mode - click click click, one in every pose.

I am in that stage of life where I feel 'too cool' for the weird kids and 'too weird' for the cool kids. This situation is funny but let me take a selfie first* have a nice day:)

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